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Top 5 Business Class Lounges Around the World

The business class lounge

The business class lounge experience is certainly a significant aspect of flying, especially for frequent flyers. These lounges can offer a feeling of luxury, convenience, and comfort while travelling. In these lounges, you can take your time to relax, enjoy a nice dinner and a tasty drink, or if you are going on a business trip you can certainly find your place for focus and preparation there as well. In this article, we will give you a presentation of what you can expect from the absolute finest business class lounges around the world. From luxurious benefits to exemplary service, these 5 business class lounges will almost make you eager to arrive at the airport, long before your flight is set to depart.

1. Emirates Business Class Lounge at Dubai International Airport

Emirates Lounge

The Emirate’s business class lounge in Dubai is truly an experience on its own. There, you can be sure to get the most luxurious and relaxing start on your trip. Emirates is already well-known for being an airline of a high quality, so it is no wonder that their business class lounge also is held to the same standards. In the lounge, you can enjoy the finest coffee 24/7, even more so since you can be sure the coffee stems from sustainably grown beans. They also offer other types of drinks and pastries, in case you are looking for a little sweet or salty snack. This lounge is exclusive to the business- and first-class passengers of the Emirates, however, you can enjoy the business class lounge if you choose to pay a fee

Emirates Lounge

If your trip is on the more relaxing side, you should make sure that you do not miss their champagne-tasting, which is complemented by a selection of canapés that are crafted by Michelin star chefs. If you are feeling a little tense before a long flight, or you are perhaps just in need of some deep relaxation, you can enjoy a treatment at the Timeless Spa. Here, you could for example find a massage or a refreshing facial treatment that will prepare you for your long trip. As if that was not enough, the Emirate’s business class lounge of course also offers free Wi-Fi and assigned quiet-areas, so you can be sure to get all of your work done before stepping into your flight. And, if you are feeling a bit hungry, make sure you take advantage of their gourmet dining experience. Other amenities offered by the Emirate’s business class lounge include a designated children’s play area, and a cigar bar.

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2. Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge at Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar

Second on the list, we have the Qatar Airways business class lounge in Doha, Qatar. This lounge also offers a rather luxurious experience, with its beautiful design, set to provide you with a resort-like feeling. The Qatar Airways business lounge is famously known for its award-winning hospitality, which makes this lounge one of the top business class lounges in the world. That, accompanied with the finest amenities and design, truly makes it a lounge worth visiting during your next trip to Qatar. If you are flying in Qatar Airways economy class, but would like to visit the business class lounge, you can pay a fee to get access. 

In the lounge, you can choose between several dining options, from gourmet dining experiences to lighter options, such as a snack, you can be sure you will find something to your liking. You can also explore their bar, which is said to serve some of the world’s finest drinks. The business class lounge is designed to provide you with the most relaxing start of your trip. If you want to feel rested before your flight, you may take advantage of their quiet rooms, even take a little nap should you feel the need. Other amenities you can find in the business class lounge include private family areas, game rooms, and children’s nurseries. The Qatar Airways business class lounge truly have something for everyone, making sure that you will be tended to, no matter how or with whom you are travelling. 

Qatar Lounge

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3. The Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge at Istanbul Airport, Turkey

The Turkish Airlines business class lounge in Istanbul definitely deserves their place on this list. Turkish Airlines is known for being a top-quality airline, with amazing food in-air, so it should come as no surprise that they provide the same level of service on the ground. The business class lounge is open 24/7, so if you are ever flying through Istanbul, you can be sure that they are always open. They offer an array of amenities, and depending on the nature of your trip, they will most likely have something to offer in any situation. If you are travelling with kids, they have a playground for the children where they can spend some energy before the flight, while you grab a coffee or a bite to eat. They also have a cinema in the business class lounge, perfect if you just want to relax before your flight. 

Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul

If you are on somewhat of a “workation”, you do not have to worry – the business class lounge offers free Wi-Fi and even computers to use in case there should be a need for that. You can also get access to a meeting room, where you can be sure you will have your privacy. In addition to this, you can also get access to showers, a masseur, and even a museum which you can find in the international passenger lounge. Not to forget about the dining options – the Turkish Airlines business lounge in Istanbul offers a vast variety of cuisine, from Turkish to international, you can be sure to find something you like. They also serve a range of beverages. Unfortunately, you can only access the business class lounge in the international lounge with a business class ticket. Make sure to check out the lounge the next time you pass through Istanbul!

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4. Cathay Pacific The Pier Business Class Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific Airways is a certified 5-star airline, and it has gotten this certification because of its staff service, airport and onboard product. The Pier Business Class Lounge is actually one of five exclusive lounges that are offered by Cathay Pacific at the Hong Kong International Airport. In the Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge you cannot purchase a space, but will only be admitted if you are flying in business class with the airline. The Pier Business Class Lounge provides you with a feeling of luxury and the flavours of the city of Hong Kong. Here, you can experience the traditional Chinese cuisine with dishes such as dim sum, dumplings, or other regional specialities. What truly makes this business class lounge unique from their other 4 exclusive lounges, is their traditional Teahouse. There, you can have the most special tea experience, tasting the varieties of tea served to you by fine tea specialists. 

Feeling a bit hungry? The Pier Business Class Lounge also offers a range of different dishes you can choose from, in their market style Food Hall. They offer plenty of options, such as fish, cheese boards, tapas, hot food, dessert – basically everything you could ever think of ordering. The Pier Business Class Lounge is truly a place for serenity and tranquillity where you can let go of all your tensions before heading up into the air. 

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5. Singapore Airlines SilverKris Business Class Lounge at Changi Airport, Singapore

Singapore, SilverKris Lounge

The Singapore Airlines SilverKris Business Class lounge in Singapore is another exemplary airport lounge, well worth mentioning. Their services are open around the clock, so you will never need to worry about the lounge being closed when you arrive at or are leaving from the airport. The lounge has everything you need in order to feel fresh on your trip, such as showers and restrooms, and private resting suites where you can get some rest before your trip. They also offer a selection of warm food, a barista, and a bartender service. Additional amenities include Wi-Fi and meeting rooms, a baby care room, a nursing room, and a playroom. Accessibility is important, and the Singapore Airlines SilverKris Business Class Lounge also has showers and restrooms with wheelchair accessibility, making sure that everyone can feel good on their travels. 

Singapore SilverKris Lounge

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In this article, we have presented the top 5 business class lounges around the world. These lounges are truly exceptional, and through their impeccable service, they will ensure that you are provided with everything you need before getting on your flight. From private suites and spas, to playrooms and cinemas, you can truly have it all. Wherever your next trip takes you – make sure you stop by one of these lounges, should they be on your path. Their exceptional service can certainly take the tension out of an otherwise tense trip, making sure you can enjoy every part of it. Relax and have yourself a little champagne tasting, or perhaps some interesting gourmet dishes while you wait for your flight to board. 


Business class is expensive – how can I buy a ticket?

Unfortunately, you can only access most of these lounges if you have a business class ticket from the airline or you have certain status in the membership program they offer. In some business class lounges you can pay extra for a pass to get in if you have an economy class ticket. For free access to all the business class lounges, you do need to buy business class tickets. They are most of the time more expensive than the economy class tickets, however, from all the perks you get access to when flying in business class, we would say it is totally worth it if you are looking for a super relaxing trip. By signing up as a member of the World Traveler Club, you will get access to the best deals on business class tickets to destinations all over the world. Sign up as a paying Gold or Platinum member and get access to the ultimate business- and first-class deals – and save lots of money on the flights for your next trip!


If you have never flown in business class before, make sure to read our guide on the top 11 perks you can expect when flying business class for the first time. You can also check out our guide to finding the best business class deals and our best tips and strategies for how to get a business class upgrade! And don’t forget to check out our handpicked deals for business- and first-class flights.


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