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30 top flight deals from Nairobi, Kenya


The cheapest flight deals from Nairobi, Kenya to most popular destinations.
The system will find you the cheapes days to fly and the best flight deals with departure from Nairobi (NBO) Airport.

Cheap Flights from Nairobi to

DestinationDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Mombasa19 Feb 202322 Feb 2023From 96
Ukunda16 Apr 202320 Apr 2023From 139
Lodwar13 Mar 202319 Mar 2023From 183
Dar Es Salaam1 Mar 20237 Mar 2023From 211
Zanzibar1 Mar 20236 Mar 2023From 262
Sharjah9 Feb 202312 Feb 2023From 405
Dubai13 Feb 202319 Feb 2023From 419
Cairo9 Mar 202315 Mar 2023From 504
Juba22 Mar 202326 Mar 2023From 559
Addis Ababa16 Feb 202317 Feb 2023From 609
Cape Town22 Apr 202327 Apr 2023From 650
Moscow6 Feb 202312 Feb 2023From 713
Johannesburg6 Feb 20239 Feb 2023From 734
Mahe Island23 Sep 202326 Sep 2023From 863
Blantyre3 Apr 20234 Apr 2023From 874
Antananarivo4 May 20236 May 2023From 878
Brazzaville13 Dec 202314 Dec 2023From 900
London3 Mar 20238 Mar 2023From 908
Phuket13 Mar 202319 Mar 2023From 993
Victoria Falls2 Apr 20238 Apr 2023From 1 005
Singapore14 Dec 202320 Dec 2023From 1 055
Mauritius1 Mar 20237 Mar 2023From 1 096
Saint Petersburg6 Feb 202311 Feb 2023From 1 305
Hargeisa3 Mar 20236 Mar 2023From 1 348
Buenos Aires18 Feb 202321 Feb 2023From 2 278
Nossi-be6 Mar 202312 Mar 2023From 2 841


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All fares are a round-trip flight including tax and fuel surcharge. This site will refresh every 24 hours, so we recommend you to bookmark this site and keep your eyes open.


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Please note, all prices may change due to utilization of the contingent. The flight deals are valid at the time of publication. However, we have no control over the suppliers, and we therefore do not warrant or guarantee that their offers will not change or become unavailable. World Traveler Club does not sell travel products. We provide you with information about third-party travel suppliers’ offers, and link you to their sites.

If you don’t find the right deal, you can check our FLIGHT DEAL FINDER where you can filter results according to departure and return time frames, flight duration, one-way or return flights, see only non-stop flights or choose the airports that you prefer to get the best flight! Up to 8 cities, countries and airports can be entered into a single search query making it easier to find a flight deal that suits you.


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