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About Us

Our love for travel and exploration spans over 30 years.
We enjoy flying comfortably and staying in exceptional hotels.
We also love to chat with people who share the same interests and passions.
You too ?  Then join us at the World Traveler Club.

Deal Scanners

With our unique “Deal Scanners” we are able to find all travel deals from over 300 travel blogs, travel sites and travel deal resources for our members.

In our community you can discuss and chat with other travelers.  Travel and the change of place will impart new vigor to your mind.

It doesn’t matter if you‘re looking for a cheap flight to an exotic destination, a comfort business class deal, a luxury hotel deal for less, or a crazy cheap cruise deal. We have them all!

The Team

Our team of travel specialists have spent almost three decades in the travel industry, and our knowledge of the world’s most inspiring places is unrivaled. We are experienced, sustained, discerning and we believe that travel is one of life’s ultimate joys. We love exploring the world, and we know it intimately.

  • Joerg Kampshoff
    CEO, Co-Founder of HolidayCheck, Deluxe-Escapes, etc. 
  • Orhan Yilmaz
    Creative Director 
  • Roman Hoehener 
  • Frank Wobith
  • Erik Margraf
  • Andreas Zink
  • Daniela Keller-Wobith
  • Lisna Natha Cakep
  • Carolin Fritschy
  • Abhijeet Sahai Johri

What we do

Have you ever dreamed of staying in prestigious resorts, hotels, and fly comfortable Business class or First class with up to 70% discount? Or fly around the world for less than 1000 bucks?
– With World Traveler Club your dream will become true.

We spend our days looking for the best of the best travel deals, with our eyes peeled for mindblowing flight deals, hotel rates, cruise deals, discounts, bargains and more! Our favourite part of the job, is being able to share these deals with people like you. We are passionate about best travel deals.

WorldTravelerClub is not only an exceptional travel community, it is your home for travel – before, during and after every trip.

worldtravelerclub.com offers an incredible database for all kinds of travel deals. It doesn’t matter if you‘re looking for a cheap flight to an exotic destination, a comfort business class deal, a luxury hotel deal for less, or a crazy cheap cruise deal. We have them all! We grab all the travel deals from the travel universe of the world wide web. With deals up to 85% off the regualar prices!

You are looking for the best travel deals?!

Then, we are the right choice for you! worldtravelerclub.com will find the cheapest flight fares and hotel rates for you – up to 85% off the normal costs.
– Why not flying business class, if it costs the same as flying economy?
– Or stay in a luxury 5-star beach resort for less than $50 / night / room ?
– Or cruise 11 days on a luxury cruise ship in the Caribbean sea for less than € 300  p.pers. incl. full board.
It is your choice! Become a member today!

Travel Club

How to save on your next trip

Each day, all year arround, you will find on WorldTravelerClub:

  • More than 2500 flight deals
  • Over 100 amazing hotels deals
  • More than 30 killer business class & first deals
  • Over 700 handpicked travel deals from 300 resources.

How our system work:

With our state-of-the-art travel deal search engine “Deal Scanner”, we are able to provide you the best access to all current travel deals offered from more than 300 deal resources, blogs and travel sites with over 700 travel deals per day.  Our automated deal scanners searches for cheap travel deals (international flight deals, hotel deals, cruise deals, error fares, mispriced rates, coupon code, etc.) all day, every hour.

Only at worldtravelerclub.com you’ll get access to all the travel deal ressources worldwide. You will save valuable time in searching and browsing, and most of all you will save so much money! Up to 85% off the normal rates & fares!
Pack your bags and check-in!!  >>>>  Become a member today!

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