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How does the World Traveler Club work?

tours tower 2906526 1280The World Traveler Club is not only an exceptional travel community, but also your home for traveling – before, during and after every trip. Our USP is an incredible database for all kinds of travel deals. It doesn’t matter if you‘re looking for a cheap flight to an exotic destination, a comfort business class deal, a luxury hotel deal for less or a crazy cheap cruise deal. We have them all!
With us, you can plan the trip of your dreams at the most affordable rates.

Save hundreds on your next trip! Flight deals, Hotel Deals, Cruise Deals, Tour Deals, Discount Coupons, and more! We have all the travel deals you’re looking for.
Our mission is to make it possible for everyone to travel the world for an affordable price and enjoy the holidays.
You won’t need to spend hours researching for the cheapest prices because we got them right here! We provide them all in one convenient location.

Deal Scanners:
With our state-of-the-art travel deal search engine “Deal Scanner”, at our premium club cockpit, we are able to provide you the best access to all current travel deals, offered from more than 300 deal resources, blogs and travel sites.   Only here, you will get access to all the travel deal resources worldwide, with only one click.

The system:
Our automatic system (deal scanners) is searching and fetching the cheapest travel deals (international flight deals, hotel deals, cruise deals, error fares, mispriced rates, coupon codes, business and first class deals, etc.). Updated on an hourly basis! We provide you all the deals withing our premium member section. Which includes over 700 deals per day from more than 300 resources.

As a premium member the time and money you will save is well worth the small investment. You will never have to deal with the headache of browsing the internet to find the best deals again! Everything will be conveniently located at our One-Stop-Shop!  Book your trips up to 85% off the regular rates and get ready to pack your bags for an experience of a lifetime!!

Hand picked deals:
Each day we handpick our favourite deals and share them to you in our deal section.  Our team and community post each day 4 to 40 hot travel deals (business class, first class, flight deals, hotel deals, discount codes and more) to inspire you.    Find here some of our best deals from the last 5 years.

Our team has come from all over the world to join in our mission: finding amazing travel deals (flight deals, hotel deals, discount codes)  for blowout trips & holidays. We also love to travel and we want to share the love with you.

Travel AI:
We are pleased to offer our Platinum Members our new service “WTC Travel AI“, an “Artificial Intelligence” (AI)  that will help you with your travel related questions.  Need info about your destination? Have questions about travel climate, places of interest, alternative flight routes, general information about your airline, seats, entry regulations, questions about the airport or a specific hotel? Our Travel AI has you covered.

Our Member Clubs

As a World Traveler Club member you have access to our Member and Premium Clubs!

At our “Member Club” we provide you a selection of flight deals from over 140 major airports worldwide.  From each airport our system find more than 100 flight deals to over 100 destinations on average.  Some deals are up to 85% off!  Further you have access to our community.

At our “Premium Club” you will find our “Deal Scanners” with more than 700 hand-picked travel deals (flight deals, hotel deals, cruise deals, business & first class deals) especially for travelers in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. We scan over 300 blogs, travel websites, OTA’s, tour operators, airline sites, hotel chain sites, and other travel deal providers.
We are very proud of our Business Class & First Class Scanners. Where you can grab the best Business, First & Premium Class deals from all big airlines.  We grab all geo-arbitrage strategies, Skip-lagging, hidden city strategies, error fares, sales and special offers for you.  Here, you could save up to 80% off regular fares.
With our Hotel Deal Scanners we fetch all accommodation deals for you, where you could save up to 86% from regular rates. Now it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a beach resort in Asia, a Caribbean All Inclusive resort, a luxury Palace Hotel in Europe, a Business hotel in the USA, or a private villa in Bali. We have them all!  Stay in luxury places for less!

We scan all major resources for you. No need to open hundreds of websites, we have them all on one site.

At the “Flight Deals of the Day“ we are fetching the cheapest flight deals from your location (based on your IP). Here, you can search complete time frames for the cheapest flights.

In our Community you can discuss with other travelers, find useful tips & tricks and you can ask questions or request some quotes. Also you can find in our Forum more handpicked travel deals from our community members.

In the member area you will find also links to free travel eBooks (in PDF format). Top titles for “Budget Travel”, “Lastminute Traveler”, “Flight Deals”, and many more for free, (worth $40 ).


Our aim is to ensure that you continue to enjoy the benefits of being a part of our Travel Deal Club without any interruptions. Auto-renewal simplifies the process, saving you the hassle of manually renewing your subscription every time it expires.

How to Manage Your Subscription:

  1. Stay Subscribed: If you wish to continue enjoying our travel deals and perks, no action is needed. Your subscription will automatically renew, and you can keep exploring the world with ease.

  2. Cancel Your Subscription: If you decide that it’s time to part ways, you can easily cancel your subscription before the expiration date. To do so, please log in to your account on our website, click on your “Profile” and then “Subscriptions”. Here you can “remove” your subscription.

Please note that you can cancel your subscription at any time before the expiration date. But when you “remove” your GOLD or PLATINUM subscription, your membership benefits, including access the Premium Club, to exclusive travel deals, to the deal scanners, travel discounts, and other perks, will no longer be available to you.

More Questions?  Find here our FAQ

How to join the World Traveler Club

  1. Register for FREE and login
  2. Or chose your plan (Gold or Platinum). Secure payment with PayPal or Stripe (all credit cards)
  3. Access the member club or platinum club area
  4. Browse over 700 handpicked travel deals, over 2000 flight deals, 80 business & first class deals, cruise deals, and hotel deals – DAILY!
  5. Pack your bag and start your trip!


First, make sure the emails are coming to your inbox.
After you signed up, you’ll receive a welcome email. If that goes to your spam folder, be sure to mark the “not spam” button. If you’re a Gmail or GMX user and it goes to your spam or promotions tab, simply go to the email in that folder and click the button at the top that says, “not promotions or no spam.” For the registration, please provide us a country and your home city, that way we know which deals you need. For Gold or Platinum members (where you have access to our deal scanners) we need a small membership fee, payable annually by Paypal, Credit Card or bank transfer. You can cancel your membership any time.

We would love to welcome you at the WORLD TRAVELER CLUB.


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