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Cheap Flights from Denpasar

OriginDestinationDeparture atReturn atStopsDistanceFind tickets
DenpasarSurabaya29 June 20211 July 2021Direct303 kmFrom 40
DenpasarPraya15 June 202117 June 2021Direct122 kmFrom 48
DenpasarYogyakarta30 December 20213 January 2022Direct531 kmFrom 67
DenpasarJakarta13 July 202115 July 2021Direct960 kmFrom 67
DenpasarLabuan Bajo26 June 202129 June 2021Direct520 kmFrom 68
DenpasarBandung17 June 202119 June 2021Direct860 kmFrom 79
DenpasarUjung Pandang3 August 20217 August 20211 Stop634 kmFrom 99
DenpasarBalikpapan9 September 202112 September 20211 Stop855 kmFrom 103
DenpasarBima30 June 20214 July 2021Direct413 kmFrom 105
DenpasarKuala Lumpur29 November 20213 December 2021Direct1996 kmFrom 132
DenpasarPontianak1 July 20212 July 20211 Stop1150 kmFrom 156
DenpasarSingapore18 August 202120 August 20211 Stop1680 kmFrom 165
DenpasarPalu19 June 202125 June 20211 Stop1017 kmFrom 200
DenpasarPerth6 October 20219 October 2021Direct2584 kmFrom 310
DenpasarPhuket8 December 202112 December 20211 Stop2648 kmFrom 322
DenpasarChiang Mai3 February 20226 February 20221 Stop3541 kmFrom 366
DenpasarSeoul10 January 202214 January 20221 Stop5300 kmFrom 442
DenpasarIstanbul26 June 20212 July 20211 Stop10351 kmFrom 573
DenpasarDelhi17 November 202120 November 20211 Stop5827 kmFrom 597
DenpasarSydney6 October 20219 October 20211 Stop4626 kmFrom 686
DenpasarKathmandu17 November 202120 November 20211 Stop5173 kmFrom 774
DenpasarTokyo30 June 20211 July 20211 Stop5575 kmFrom 798
DenpasarManila11 August 202115 August 20211 Stop2676 kmFrom 884
DenpasarCairo20 July 202126 July 20211 Stop9912 kmFrom 937


Cheap flights from Surabaya (SUB) Java:

Cheap Flights from Surabaya

OriginDestinationDeparture atReturn atStopsDistanceFind tickets
SurabayaDenpasar16 June 202117 June 2021Direct303 kmFrom 41
SurabayaJakarta20 June 202126 June 2021Direct668 kmFrom 60
SurabayaBanjarmasin21 June 202122 June 2021Direct490 kmFrom 68
SurabayaUjung Pandang17 June 202118 June 2021Direct792 kmFrom 81
SurabayaYogyakarta16 September 202118 September 2021Direct262 kmFrom 113
SurabayaPangkalanbun12 July 202116 July 2021Direct535 kmFrom 135
SurabayaPekanbaru19 June 202120 June 20211 Stop1531 kmFrom 137
SurabayaJambi1 July 20214 July 20211 Stop1199 kmFrom 146
SurabayaKuala Lumpur21 June 202123 June 20211 Stop1699 kmFrom 186
SurabayaAmbon20 July 202121 July 2021Direct1744 kmFrom 193
SurabayaSeoul15 September 202121 September 20211 Stop5217 kmFrom 589

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