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How to get the best BUSINESS CLASS flight deals?

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Snagging the Best Business Class Deals!

Want to fly like the rockstars and royalty of the skies? Well, let me give you the insider scoop on snagging those plush business class seats without breaking your bank:

When you fly in BUSINESS CLASS, You will get access to the business class lounge, besides being offered drinks, snacks, newspapers and internet facilities. The kind of hospitality you get traveling Business Class is simply breathtaking. Onboard, you will be plied with drinks and delicious meals served on china, paired with exotic wines. The business class is nothing but your small self-contained world where you can enjoy comfort and privacy for a few hours. Some business class seats can converted into a flat bed, perfect to take a nap on a long haul flight.

If youโ€™re an individual who likes to travel in the lap of luxury, then business class flight tickets are the perfect option for you. Booking the business class tickets does not mean that you should pay you through your nose.

We have made it easier for you to get the business class flight deals in a single place. You will be able to get a hefty discount on the normal listed price of business class flight tickets. As a result, it will become easier for you to save a significant amount of money and get ample discount to continue your journey on business class tickets wherever you go.

How are we able to provide such lucrative business class flight deals?

We get asked this question a lot. We have tieups with various travel portals as well as airlines to provide you with the best business class flight deals. Airlines are often eager to fill up their business class with some sales and flight deals. Even though there is a lot of interest in business class but seldom do people book business class tickets. That is why airlines often fly with business class seats vacant. This is where we come in. We not only connect the customers with the airlines and flight booking sites, but also ensure that our customers are able to get the best business class flight deals. In the process, the customers are able to save a significant amount of money and the airlines are able to fill up the business class seats as well. It is a win-win situation for both.

Rather than traveling in the economic class, now is the time to check out some of the business class deals. Once you check out some of our business class deals, it will indeed become much easier for you to travel in the lap of luxury. Moreover, when youโ€™re flying business class, you will get many amenities which are not available to the economy class, like priority check-in, lounge access, priority boarding, more luggage, priority luggage tags, comfortable seats (sometime lie-flat seats), better inflight entertainment, better food and beverage (inclusive alkoholic drinks), more miles and points, and more…ย  This ensures that even when youโ€™re taking a long flight or when youโ€™re taking a redeye flight, you will be at complete ease.

1. Timing is Everything

Booking at the right time is something of an art. You might consider booking way in advance the most tried and tested method, but thatโ€™s not always the cheapest way to go. The booking sweet spot is not six months or more ahead of time, like youโ€™d expect.
The window, between four months before departure and three weeks before is when youโ€™re liable to find the best deal.
Important to be flexible: adding a couple of days before or after your planned travel dates may lower the fare.

2. Sales & Alerts

Sign up for airline newsletters and fare alerts. Yes, even more emails in your inbox โ€“ but these come with a chance of champagne. Check out our deal alerts especially for Business Class.

3. Look At Alternative Airlines

Newer airlines on the market or the airlines of other countries are willing to work harder to impress you. Some offer great prices and more luxurious perks to gain the edge over their competition.

4. Upgrade with Points

If you are without enough points to fly Business Class, better purchase a main economy seat. If there is award availability on the flight, you can make good use of your points to upgrade. One thing more. Make sure the fare class that you are booking is eligible for upgrades.

Check carefully before you book an economy class ticket expecting to upgrade; some airlines do not allow upgrades or have restrictive rules.

5. Bidding on Business Class Seats

A number of major airlines have come up with a bidding process to help sell the remaining business and first-class seats. A traveler should bid at least 20 percent below the market price. Premium seat availability can be found in mid-day flights to leisure destinations. Make sure you book directly with the airline.

6. Avoid Popular Hubs

An innovative way to cut costs on business class fares when travelling to popular destinations is to fly into nearby cities and then grab a cheaper flight on a commuter airline to complete your trip.ย  Not only might the airfare be cheaper for a lesser-known city, but will also ensure that the business class seats donโ€™t sell out as fast.

7. Airline Promotions

International airlines will regularly offer sales to sell premium cabin seats at reasonable prices. Business class airfare sales can be offered simply to fill up empty seats or perhaps put the squeeze on a competing airline.ย  The trick is knowing what is fair value for business class on a specific route so that you know when to pull the trigger and actually buy the flight. Also, when do the airline a sale.ย  Some airines offer sales very rarely. Other airlines offers frequently great sales, like Qatar Airways, KLM & Air France, Brtish Airways, TAP Air Portugal, Ideria, Lufthansa & Swiss.
Whether you want cheap business class airfares, there are times when airlines will have specials on their best seats. One of the best ways to find out about business class sales is to subscribe to airline newsletters, or follow our deal by our newsletter

8. Split Tickets (save by flying A to B then B to C)

Geo-arbitrage leads us on to split ticketing. Consider splitting your journey and buying separate tickets which can reduce your business class fare significantly. Use the cheaper countries as a point to split your ticket. Just remember to allow plenty of time for connections when on separate tickets. Better still, turn the connection into a free stopover and spend a few days at your split city point.

9. Upgrade for free with frequent flyer loyalty programs

Whatโ€™s better than a cheap business class flight? A free one! Frequent flyers will see that they get points every time they fly and one of the perks that these can be spent on is upgrading your seat. Suddenly youโ€™ve gone from economy to business class without adding anything onto your fare.

10. Check Business & First Class Deals on our Website

Earlier, the high prices of the business class tickets might have kept you away from it. Now, you have no excuse to not opt for the business class tickets. With our business class flight deals, you will be able to save a significant amount of money which will put business class back in your grasp. So, when youโ€™re planning your next vacation, instead of looking at the regular flight deals, it is a good idea to opt for ourย  business class flight deals. We constantly update our site in real-time to provide you with the latest and best deals. At any point in time, you will be able to get the best business class deals without any problem on our website.ย  For our gold and platinum members we have our business & first class deal scanner where you can find hundrets of business class deals every day.


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