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TRICK: Secure OneWorld Sapphire status with Business Class flights from only €1,445!

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Achieving OneWorld Sapphire status typically requires accumulating a certain number of Tier Points or qualifying flights within a specific time frame.
Since OneWorld is an alliance that includes various member airlines, you can earn Tier Points by flying on eligible flights with any of the member airlines.

Here are we have an trick to secure an OneWorld Sapphire Status for just € 1445!

Oneworld Sapphire status is an elite frequent flyer status within the Oneworld alliance. This status is typically achieved by accumulating a certain number of qualifying miles or segments and offers several benefits, enhancing the travel experience of the member. Here are some common benefits associated with Oneworld Sapphire status:

  1. Priority Check-In:  Sapphire members often have access to priority check-in counters, allowing for a quicker and more efficient check-in process.
  2. Priority Boarding: Priority boarding privileges enable Sapphire members to board the aircraft earlier than general passengers, ensuring easier access to overhead bin space and a more relaxed boarding experience.
  3. Priority Security Screening: In some airports, Sapphire members may be eligible for expedited security screening, reducing the time spent in security lines.
  4. Extra Baggage Allowance: Sapphire members typically receive an additional baggage allowance, allowing them to check in more bags or carry additional weight compared to standard passengers.
  5. Access to Business Class Lounges: One of the significant benefits is access to Oneworld Business Class lounges, even when flying in Economy Class. This provides a comfortable and relaxing environment with amenities such as food, beverages, Wi-Fi, and workspaces.
  6. Priority Waitlist and Standby: Sapphire members often have priority when it comes to waitlisting for flights or standby status, increasing the chances of securing a seat on a fully booked flight.
  7. Priority Baggage Handling: Sapphire members’ checked baggage is usually given priority, resulting in quicker delivery at the destination airport.
  8. Preferred Seating: Sapphire members may have the option to select preferred seating, such as seats with extra legroom or seats closer to the front of the cabin.
  9. Oneworld Lounge Access: In addition to Business Class lounges, Oneworld Sapphire members can also access First Class lounges when traveling on Oneworld airlines, provided they are flying in Business Class or Economy Class on the same day.
  10. Recognition with Oneworld Airlines: Oneworld Sapphire status is recognized across all Oneworld member airlines, ensuring consistent benefits regardless of the airline on which the member is flying.

It’s important to note that specific benefits may vary slightly between different Oneworld member airlines, and the level of service provided can depend on the individual airline’s policies.

Here is the trick how to get the Saphire Status for just € 1445  :


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