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Santorini Hotel Deals – Up to 30% Off!

Santorini, or Thira, is the top destination in Greece and among the most romantic destinations in the Greek islands and also in the world. A visit on the beautiful island of Santorini in Greece is a must for the must travelers bucket list.
Santorini is a part of a five islands complex. and the biggest island is Santorini or Thera, which is located in Cyclades islands in southern Aegean Sea.

Most travelers stay where the beaches are, Kamari and Perissa, but these places really do not represent the island’s amazing distinctiveness.  If you can, you should try to stay in Fira, Imerovigli or Oia, the towns on the cliffs, which are very beautiful and full of little cafes, shops and places of interest.

Santorini Map & Hotels:

Here we have some of the best hotel Deals for Santorini:

Hotel Deals Santorini Island: Cheap

HotelStarsDiscountPrice before and discountSelect dates
Bluelife★★★★-8%526 483 View hotel
Ilioperato Hotel★★★★-16%158 133 View hotel
Afroessa A Class Hotel★★★★-25%149 112 View hotel
Heliotopos★★★★-22%188 146 View hotel

Top Hotel Deal:


Santorini Activities & Tours:

Cheap Flights to Thira

OriginDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Athens13.07.202115.07.2021Tickets from 17
Milan25.06.202130.06.2021Tickets from 61
Thessaloniki22.06.202124.06.2021Tickets from 68
Berlin23.06.202128.06.2021Tickets from 76
London10.06.202113.06.2021Tickets from 78
Vienna26.06.202101.07.2021Tickets from 82
Bari28.06.202102.07.2021Tickets from 82
Bucharest07.06.202113.06.2021Tickets from 86
Rome21.10.202125.10.2021Tickets from 86
Kyiv09.06.202114.06.2021Tickets from 94
Naples30.05.202104.06.2021Tickets from 95
Brussels02.06.202106.06.2021Tickets from 96
Heraklion24.07.202128.07.2021Tickets from 96
Poznan03.06.202106.06.2021Tickets from 97
Madrid20.10.202124.10.2021Tickets from 98
Frankfurt22.07.202128.07.2021Tickets from 102
Kharkov14.06.202119.06.2021Tickets from 104
Tel Aviv-Yafo28.08.202131.08.2021Tickets from 105
Belgrade18.07.202121.07.2021Tickets from 105
Barcelona24.06.202130.06.2021Tickets from 106
Lisbon28.06.202102.07.2021Tickets from 108
Odessa14.06.202119.06.2021Tickets from 110
Riga12.06.202117.06.2021Tickets from 110
Porto16.06.202121.06.2021Tickets from 114
Zaporozhye14.06.202120.06.2021Tickets from 118
Catania10.08.202114.08.2021Tickets from 119
Paris07.07.202111.07.2021Tickets from 121
Vilnius12.06.202116.06.2021Tickets from 123
Chania20.05.202122.05.2021Tickets from 128
Saint Petersburg02.07.202107.07.2021Tickets from 128
Marseille24.09.202130.09.2021Tickets from 128
Cluj07.06.202113.06.2021Tickets from 132
Nantes07.07.202111.07.2021Tickets from 132
Istanbul16.10.202121.10.2021Tickets from 133
Gdansk12.07.202117.07.2021Tickets from 134
Warsaw03.09.202108.09.2021Tickets from 136
Iasi27.06.202130.06.2021Tickets from 138
Alicante12.07.202116.07.2021Tickets from 139
Manchester09.07.202111.07.2021Tickets from 141
Palermo17.08.202122.08.2021Tickets from 141
Tallinn24.06.202129.06.2021Tickets from 142
Kerkyra31.07.202101.08.2021Tickets from 143
Budapest19.08.202122.08.2021Tickets from 144
Bordeaux26.07.202131.07.2021Tickets from 145
Malta11.08.202116.08.2021Tickets from 147
Dublin07.07.202111.07.2021Tickets from 152
Larnaca07.05.202110.05.2021Tickets from 169
Lviv01.06.202102.06.2021Tickets from 171
Chisinau31.05.202106.06.2021Tickets from 172
Kaunas11.07.202116.07.2021Tickets from 173
Geneva03.09.202108.09.2021Tickets from 181
Nice11.08.202116.08.2021Tickets from 184
Luxembourg25.05.202130.05.2021Tickets from 184
Antalya20.10.202125.10.2021Tickets from 196
Moscow12.06.202116.06.2021Tickets from 201
Helsinki24.06.202129.06.2021Tickets from 206
Paphos17.05.202123.05.2021Tickets from 212
Rennes08.07.202112.07.2021Tickets from 227
Minsk05.06.202111.06.2021Tickets from 229
Munich07.05.202110.05.2021Tickets from 233
Suceava04.09.202107.09.2021Tickets from 234
Venice17.05.202120.05.2021Tickets from 236
Sofia04.05.202109.05.2021Tickets from 249
Bacau02.08.202108.08.2021Tickets from 249
Brest28.06.202103.07.2021Tickets from 273
Cologne28.04.202102.05.2021Tickets from 287
Tbilisi02.08.202106.08.2021Tickets from 314
Toulouse13.05.202115.05.2021Tickets from 322
Cairo20.05.202125.05.2021Tickets from 325
Krasnodar07.10.202108.10.2021Tickets from 335
Ankara30.04.202101.05.2021Tickets from 361
Kazan01.07.202107.07.2021Tickets from 363
Mineralnye Vody16.08.202120.08.2021Tickets from 368
Samara03.06.202106.06.2021Tickets from 399
Yekaterinburg15.06.202119.06.2021Tickets from 401
Makhachkala04.06.202108.06.2021Tickets from 412
Nuremberg19.05.202120.05.2021Tickets from 444
Simferopol31.08.202104.09.2021Tickets from 445
Tyumen01.07.202106.07.2021Tickets from 447
Adler/Sochi12.06.202114.06.2021Tickets from 450
Nalchik31.08.202105.09.2021Tickets from 482
Bishkek10.08.202115.08.2021Tickets from 495
Chicago18.08.202124.08.2021Tickets from 506
Almaty09.06.202111.06.2021Tickets from 532
Toronto01.07.202107.07.2021Tickets from 585
Chelyabinsk10.05.202114.05.2021Tickets from 610
New York27.05.202131.05.2021Tickets from 628
Baku01.05.202105.05.2021Tickets from 630
Dallas21.09.202126.09.2021Tickets from 635
Vladivostok15.10.202116.10.2021Tickets from 638
Novosibirsk21.06.202127.06.2021Tickets from 652
Perm22.05.202125.05.2021Tickets from 681
Kemerovo10.05.202116.05.2021Tickets from 723
Nur-Sultan (Astana)08.05.202114.05.2021Tickets from 732
Doha15.05.202121.05.2021Tickets from 732
Tokyo30.04.202105.05.2021Tickets from 738
Tashkent01.09.202105.09.2021Tickets from 788
Westchester County16.06.202122.06.2021Tickets from 856
Boston18.03.202222.03.2022Tickets from 856
Nizhnevartovsk14.05.202116.05.2021Tickets from 862


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