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In BUSINESS CLASS from West Coast USA to Egypt starting from only US$ 2,593 (round-trip)!

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Hello Travelers!
How about a visit to Egypt?

Get ready to uncover the mysteries of Cairo, where the pyramids stand as ancient skyscrapers and the Nile River flows like the world’s longest red carpet for travelers. From camel rides to souk adventures, this city has it all – and don’t worry, bargaining skills are optional but highly recommended! And if you find yourself in awe of the Sphinx, just remember, it’s not giving you a side-eye, it’s just wondering if you’ve tried the local cuisine yet!

We found decent BUSINESS CLASS fares from West Coast USA to Egypt starting from only US$2,593 (round-trip), about 29% off the usual price!
(Regular fares in BUSINESS CLASS are around US$3,500 – $4,500 for a RT)

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