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In BUSINESS CLASS from US East Coast to Bahrain starting from only US$ 2,461 (round-trip)!

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Hello Travelers! How about a visit to Bahrain?

Welcome to Bahrain, where the sun shines brighter than your future and the hospitality is as warm as freshly baked falafel!
We’ll never turn down the chance to head for the Middle East, and with these great-value BUSINESS CLASS flights, it is possible to fly in style and comfort for less!
Currently, you can book Business Class flights from the US East Coast to Bahrain, from just US$ 2,461 (round-trip).

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Bahrain! Get ready to indulge in aromatic spices, embrace the mesmerizing souks, and try to resist taking a thousand photos of the stunning Bahraini architecture. Don’t worry if you get lost in the labyrinthine streets; just ask a local for directions, and they’ll guide you with a smile that can light up the night like the Manama skyline. So pack your sense of humor, your taste buds, and get ready for a Bahraini adventure that’s sure to leave you with memories to treasure!


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