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Discovering Lufthansa Business Class

Lufthansa Business Class

A journey with Lufthansa Business Class promises a sophisticated and comfortable travel experience. As Germany’s national carrier, Lufthansa has a rich history of providing premium cabins, and this guide will explore every facet of its Business Class offering.

Lufthansa Business Class Overview

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Business Class Seating

Lufthansa’s extensive long-haul fleet encompasses a diverse range of aircraft, including the Airbus A380, Boeing 747, and various Airbus A330, A340, A350 models, as well as recently acquired Boeing 787 Dreamliners, intended to gradually replace the A340-300. Notably, the airline is currently undertaking its most substantial investment in history, marked by the introduction of the Allegris range of products and a complete redesign of the Business Class cabin to incorporate direct aisle access.

The innovative Allegris generation of Business Class seats offers passengers a fully-flat bed with an extra-long sleeping area extending to 2.2 meters. Enhancing privacy, the cabin features an alternating herringbone configuration of 1-2-1 rows, including 1-1-1 rows with a central throne seat, providing passengers with increased desk space. Additionally, central double seats with a narrower pitch cater to couples, while holders on selected seats allow families to have a baby cot alongside them. The front row introduces the all-new oversized Business Plus Suites, featuring ample space, high sliding privacy doors, a large in-flight entertainment (IFE) screen, and a personal wardrobe. Each seat is equipped with high-definition IFE screens, noise-cancelling headphones, wireless charging, and Bluetooth connectivity. The seating positions, ventilation, lighting, and entertainment settings are conveniently controlled via a multi-use tablet.

In terms of aesthetics, the color palette of the Lufthansa Business Class cabin showcases sophisticated tones of grey, navy, and brown, adorned with the airline’s distinctive crane logo on the cabin walls. While newer aircraft, such as the Boeing 777-9s, A350-900s, and Boeing 787-9s, will feature the latest Allegris products, Lufthansa’s older fleet of Boeing 747s will maintain the existing 2-2-2 Business Class main cabin configuration and a single-aisle 2-2 setup on the upper deck. However, future plans include retrofitting the 747-8s for a consistent experience across the entire fleet.

Advance seat reservations on Lufthansa come without an additional charge, offering passengers the opportunity to tailor their journey for maximum comfort. However, a notable aspect of the older Business Class seats is their proximity, with footrests positioned closely to neighboring seats, occasionally leading to contact, especially in the center seats. These seats are also angled toward each other, lacking privacy dividers.

Some aircraft, like the Airbus A350, introduce a unique feature โ€“ a tail camera โ€“ allowing passengers in the center section to enjoy captivating exterior views during the flight.

The Business Class seats boast electronic controls providing a range of positional options, from a slightly reclined position to a fully flat configuration for optimal rest. The tray tables, extending from the side of the seat, are spacious enough for various activities, including work on a laptop or enjoying the airline’s impressive catering.

Passengers are provided with a pillow and blanket elegantly wrapped in a ribbon, with storage pockets on the side of the seat holding essentials such as a water bottle and an amenity kit. For extended flights, Lufthansa goes the extra mile by offering a seat topper, resembling a mattress pad, ensuring additional cushioning for a restful journey

Lufthansa, Business Class

Business Class Seating

  • Lie-flat cloth seats with a comfortable pillow and blanket.
  • Spacious, open-plan cabin design for a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Current seat configuration is 2-2-2 on widebody aircraft, with no direct aisle access for window seat passengers.
  • Planned upgrades to the business class seating product delayed due to production issues; existing product to continue until at least 2023.
  • New “interim” business class seat with aisle access on Airbus A350-900 deliveries in 2022.

Airport Experience

Business Class Lounge

The airport experience for Business Class passengers begins with access to separate lounges in many cities. Lufthansa’s Business Lounges provide self-service coffee, beverages, and light snacks. For elite members, the Senator Lounges offer an elevated experience with amenities like hot food and spa services.

  • Separate lounges for business class passengers in many cities.
  • Business Lounges offer self-service coffee, beverages, and light snacks.
  • Senator Lounges for elite members with enhanced amenities such as hot food and spa services.
  • Access to United Polaris lounges in the United States for Lufthansa business class passengers.

More information aboutย Lufthansa Business Class loungesย andย Senator Loungesย worldwide, and theย Welcome Loungeย in Frankfurt.


Dedicated check-in desks for Business Class passengers, along with the privilege for Star Alliance Gold members to use these desks, streamline the pre-flight process. These desks ensure that passengers receive specialized attention, including directions to the lounge and other pertinent details.

Baggage Allowance

Business Class fares come with additional checked and carry-on baggage allowances. Priority handling for checked baggage ensures that it is among the first items delivered upon arrival, subject to local regulations.

  • Business class fares include extra checked and carry-on baggage allowance.
  • Two checked bags up to 32 kg each and two carry-on bags up to 8 kg each, plus a personal item.
  • Priority handling for checked baggage.

In-Flight Experience

Seating Configurations on Different Aircraft

The seating configurations vary across Lufthansa’s diverse fleet. The new “interim” seat on the A350 offers passengers a glimpse of the future, while other aircraft types maintain distinct cabin setups.

  • A350: New “interim” seat with 30 business class seats.
  • A340-600, A340-300, A330-300: Virtually identical business class cabins with various seat configurations.
  • 747-8, 747-400: Business class seating on both Main Deck and Upper Deck with different configurations.

Passenger Benefits

Business Class passengers enjoy a range of benefits, including priority check-in, baggage handling, security screening, and boarding. The thoughtful service extends to deplaning, where Business Class passengers exit before economy and premium economy passengers.

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The culinary experience in Lufthansa Business Class is a highlight. A three-course main meal is served on long-haul flights, showcasing a rotating menu featuring German and international delights. The option for a faster meal service, combining appetizer, cheese, and dessert on a single tray, caters to those seeking efficiency.

Unlike most other airlines, Lufthansa has a useful functionality on its website to let youย check the menu for your Lufthansa flight. Menu cards are published about two months before departure.

A service much appreciated by families is theย special childrenยดs menuย developed by Alexander Herrmann. Childrenยดs meals can be booked up to 24 hours before departure.

More information about Lufthansa Business Class dining


Lufthansa upholds a cherished tradition by extending a warm welcome to its passengers with a tray of refreshing welcome drinks, featuring a selection that includes water, juice, or even sparkling wine. As the flight takes off, the experience ascends to a new level with a fully stocked bar boasting an array of exquisite options. Passengers can indulge in a delightful variety, including prestigious Champagne such as the esteemed Champagne Duval-Leroy Brut Reserve. The wine selection encompasses three white and three red options, ensuring a sophisticated palette of choices.

For those who appreciate beer, Lufthansa’s bar includes renowned brews like the Warsteiner Premium Lager and the refreshing Erdinger wheat beer. The beverage repertoire extends beyond wine and beer to an extensive list of liqueurs and spirits, featuring iconic names such as Jack Daniel’s and Bombay Sapphire Gin.ย  Master of Wine Markus Del Monego oversees the selection of wines to be served in Lufthansa Business Class.

More information about wines in Lufthansa Business Class.

Other nice touches include still or sparkling water, non-alcoholic beer, fruit juices, and Dallmayr Kaffee Premium Selection coffee. Espresso and numerous hot teas are also on the menu.

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Business Class vs First Class

When comparing Lufthansa’s Business Class to its First Class, there are discernible distinctions in the premium travel experience. First Class travelers with Lufthansa frequently enjoy exclusive privileges, such as access to a dedicated airport lounge โ€“ a space that sometimes extends to an entirely separate terminal at Frankfurt Airport. Additionally, these discerning passengers are often offered private car transfers, ensuring a seamless journey to and from the airport, with select cities even providing transfers directly to the aircraft.

The disparities extend into the cabin as well. Lufthansa’s First Class seating is characterized by more spacious surroundings and an intimate ambiance, elevating the overall sense of luxury. The upgraded menus in First Class offer an extensive array of choices, featuring indulgent options like caviar and premium Champagne. Accompanying these enhancements are superior amenities, collectively contributing to a heightened and opulent travel experience for First Class passengers.

Lufthansa First Class:

Lufthansa, First Class

Booking and Upgrading

Booking Lufthansa Business Class

  • Roundtrip fares from New York to Europe starting around $3,000 to $4,000.
  • West Coast fares typically higher, but off-peak dates may offer discounts.
  • Elite members may find flights under $2,500 roundtrip.


For those seeking an upgrade, Lufthansa sells upgrades for reasonable surcharges once the booking is completed. While free upgrades are rare, paid upgrades are available, with recent offers hovering around $500 USD. Miles & More members can explore upgrades for 20,000 to 50,000 miles per segment.

Lufthansa’s frequent flier program,ย Miles & More, has thousands of members who take advantage of its valuable miles, elite status and numerous program benefits, even when travelling on other Star Alliance airlines.

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Frequently asked questions about Lufthansa business class

What does Lufthansa business class include?

Business Class not only grants travelers access to exclusive lounges and priority lanes at airports (where accessible) but also ensures a seamless journey with priority boarding, preferred seat assignments, and delectable meals and beverages. Passengers in Business Class are entitled to the convenience of two checked bags, each weighing up to 32 kilos or 70 pounds, along with the privilege of carrying on two bags, each weighing up to 8 kilos or 18 pounds.

Do you get lounge access with Lufthansa business class?

Yes, either at a Lufthansa Business lounge, Star Alliance lounge or contracted lounge.

Do seats in Lufthansa business class lie flat?

Yes, Lufthansa business class seats are lie-flat, but not all aisle-access.

What does Business (P) mean on Lufthansa?

The designation “Business (P)” signifies that the selected Lufthansa Business Class fare corresponds to the booking code “P.” Given that this fare falls into the deeply discounted category, certain airlines that typically credit frequent flyer miles for Lufthansa flights may not recognize fares with the “P” booking code as eligible for earning miles. When opting to credit miles through a partner airline, it is advisable to verify the booking code to confirm the flight’s eligibility for earning miles.

What is the difference between Business Basic and Business Basic Plus?

The onboard experience for these two fare types is the same; the difference is that Business Basic is nonrefundable, and Business Basic Plus is refundable less a cancellation fee. A third fare type, Business Flex, is refundable without penalty.



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