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Best Eco Flight Deals from Europe

Flight deals

Our mission is to provide everyone an affordable way to travel and enjoy your holiday.
You no longer have to go from site to site searching for the best deals, sales, error fares, coupons or specials.
We have them all on one site!

Here are just a few Eco flight deals from our deal scanners in our Premium Club:

  • Flights from Dublin, Ireland to Johannesburg, South Africa for only €371 roundtrip (Nov-Dec dates)
  • From Dusseldorf, Germany to New York, USA for only €276 round-trip (Nov-Apr dates)
  • Cheap flights from Amsterdam to Panama City for only €374 round-trip (Aug-Apr dates)
  • From Dublin, Ireland to Shanghai, China for only €341 roundtrip (Oct-Feb dates)
  • SUMMER ! Direct round-trip flights from Sofia to Mykonos, GREECE for 23 € (RT)
  • Direct round-trip flights from Dublin to Bodrum, TURKEY for 16 € round-trip
  • SUMMER ! Round-trip flights from Rome to Havana, CUBA for 400 € (RT)
  • Cheap round trip flights from Dublin to Denver, Colorado from €256 (RT)
  • From Madrid, Spain to San Francisco, USA for only €255 round-trip (Sep-Feb dates)
  • HOT: Cheap flights from Kyiv to Sri Lanka from only €389 (RT)
  • Non-stop flights from London, UK to Palermo, Italy for only £4 (round-trip).
  • Cheap non-stop flights to Sharm el-sheik, Egypt from Milan, Italy for only €75 (round-trip).
  • Qatar Airways full-service flights from Budapest to tropical Zanzibar for €459 (RT)
  • Cheap flights from Madrid to Miami starting at €178  RT [Nov 2021 − Apr 2022]
  • Fly from Bologna to Lima (Peru) for just €386 round-trip! [Jun 2021 − Oct 2021]
  • Very cheap! Flights to Washington D.C. from Vienna for only €265 return! [Aug 2021 − Mar 2022]
  • Cheap flights from Paris to Tenerife starting at €98 return! [Jul 2021 − Dec 2021]
  • Cheap flights from Madrid to Bangkok for €385 return! [Sep 2021 − Oct 2021]
  •  Lufthansa Group airlines flights from Spain to Bangkok, Thailand from €371 (RT)
  • Full-service Etihad flights from Dublin to Johannesburg, South Africa for €365  (RT)
  • Return flights from Amsterdam or Brussels to Washington for €259 (RT)
  • Full-service flights from France to Lomé, Togo for €339 (round-trip)
  • and many more deals……..

Remember, the best deals will often disappear in minutes!

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Please note, all the information on this page are accurate at the time of publication. Viewing this deal at a later date, prices and deals may change due to utilization of the contingent.

If you have a question or you need an individual travel deal, please use our travel forum.

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