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5 Top-Rated Attractions & Things to do in Birmingham, UK

Birmingham is Britain’s second-largest city. The location of Birmingham in the West Midlands makes this a great spot to start exploring. The Cotswolds And Malvern Hills Areas, especially those that are accessible by the canal. Birmingham’s canals were created by the Industrial Revolution, which saw the city grow. An extensive network of canals is used mainly for pleasure boating.

Birmingham has more canals than Venice. It is worth exploring the preserved canals, historic buildings and other attractions of this city. Gas Street Basin. Today, the city is most well-known for its jewellery and food items and its numerous cultural activities. One of the greatest is one of the largest in the country—parade on St. Patrick’s Days.

Coventry, located 20 miles southeast of Birmingham, is the center of Britain’s automobile industry. This charming city is worth a day trip.

To ensure you can cram as much as possible into your England Midlands’ travel itinerary, be sure to refer to our list of the top attractions and things to do in Birmingham.

1. Explore Victoria Square & the City Center
The heart and soul of Birmingham can be found around the pedestrian-friendly Victoria Square. You can explore this area via the Birmingham City Centre Path. The attractive Town Hall is a Victorian masterpiece that can be found along the route. It was built in 1832. The impressive structure, which resembles a Roman temple, has 40 Corinthian columns constructed of Anglesey marble.

Since the 1847 debut of Mendelssohn’s Elijah, the Symphony Hall has been the heartbeat of Birmingham’s music scene. Today, the Symphony Hall boasts world-class acoustics, a stunning auditorium and hosts A-list performers. It also houses the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

The forecourt is adorned with two memorials: one to Queen Victoria and another to James Watt. The Council House (1874), a Renaissance-style building, is located nearby. It has its iconic “Big Brum”, a slang term that refers to Birmingham.

2. See the Blooms at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens
The Birmingham Botanical Gardens is another great tourist attraction worth including on your West Midlands itinerary. These 19th-century gardens, which are spread over 15 acres in the suburbs of Edgbaston and home to many species, are easy to reach from the city centre. The Victorian-era glasshouses preserved in perfect condition and other park features make it feel like you are stepping back in history.

It is well-known for its bonsai tree collection, which includes one that is over 250 years old. You’ll enjoy more than 7,000 plants, as well as a wide variety of wildlife, including rare tropical birds and a butterfly garden. There are also a gift shop and a tearoom on-site, as well as playgrounds for children.

3. Take the Family to the National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham
Birmingham’s National SEA LIFE Centre has over 60 marine life exhibits. This is one of Birmingham’s most popular tourist attractions. The aquarium’s large, multimillion-litre ocean tanks, complete with an underground tunnel, highlight the attraction. This allows visitors uninterrupted views of all the sea life displayed, from reef sharks to giant turtles.

About 2,000 critters call this aquarium home, including many rare seahorses, giant Octopi, lobsters and crabs. The attraction’s central stars are its playful otters, Mango and Starsky, as well as its penguins.

These fascinating animals are housed in the Penguin Ice Adventure habitat. They are great to watch as their frolic. The site also has a 4-D cinema that shows educational programming. If you have the budget and time, book one or more of the penguin-feeding or behind-the-scenes experiences.

4. Wander the Jewellery Quarter
Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter has a rich history. There are more than 200 workshops of silversmiths and jewellers that produce 40 per cent British jewellery. These areas are around the Clock Tower, at the corner of Vyse Street and Frederick Streets, and the Georgian St. Paul’s Church.

It would help if you visited the most popular tourist spot in the area, the museum of the Jewellery QuarterThis gives an insider’s view of the Smith & Pepper Factory trade. It would be best if you also visited the Hall of Memory located near Baskerville House. It was built in 1925 to honour the 14,000 city men who lost the war in WWI.St. Paul’s square is a beautiful church.

The Pen Museum is a great place to stop by if you have time. The museum, situated in the Jewellery Quarter’s old pen factory and traces the history of writing instrument making, is a first-rate exhibit. It is an exciting opportunity to make your steel nib with the same machinery and techniques used in the 19th Century. The Victorian reproduction schoolroom is a great place to practice penmanship with traditional quills.

5. Enjoy a Concert at St. Philip’s Cathedral
St. Philip’s Cathedral is the third-smallest church in England. It was founded in 1715 and elevated to its present status by George II in 1905. The cathedral was destroyed during a 1940 bombing raid. However, Burne Jones (1884), who had a great deal of foresight, managed to save it.

These treasures, restored to their proper place after the cathedral was rebuilt in 1948, are a highlight for any visit to Birmingham. You can find information about concerts, talks, seminars, and exhibits on the cathedral’s site before you visit.

St. Martin’s Church. It dates back from the 13th Century and has Burne-Jones windows.



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