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Influencer Program

Influencer - Progam to earn money


We love influencer marketing and we’ll work with travel influencers at any stages of their career.

For Influencer on Social Media Channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) we have some great options to earn good money and get great benefits.

World Traveler Club offers one of the easiest way to make money as a social media influencer! 

The World-Traveler-Club Affiliate Partner Program allows you to market our membership traveler club, where our members have access to over 700 lates travel deals per day, and can save up to 70% off normal fares and rates and get other great community tools and benefits. We provide a modern stat-of-the art affiliate center, where you can check all referrals, statistics, payments and you can choose all kind of marketing options (Links, Codes, Banners, QR Codes, Coupons) and payment options. Check it out!  Become an affiliate today!
No fees, no costs, just great possibilities to earn cash money.

Affiliate Details:

  • Free for anyone to join
  • Easy to earn money
  • Quick and easy sharing tools, (banner, links, QR code, coupons)
  • Competitive payouts with opportunities to earn more
  • Detailed reporting on your sales and commissions
  • 30-day tracking cookie
  • Monthly payouts

There are numerous ways of making some cash online even without a website.

This program provides you the unique opportunity to generate commissions on memberships.


Here are some options:

Complimentary World Traveler Club GOLD Membership

If you promote our World-Traveler-Club membership plans to your followers and fans, you can get our free gold membership and get free access to our deal scanners with over 700 amazing travel deals per day and other great community tools and benefits.

Exclusive Unique Coupon Codes

Unique promo codes can be mutually beneficial for us and the influencer. With our Promo Codes your followers & fans can get a great benefit of a discount (like 10 to 20%) of the membership fee. For every influencer we can create an unique discount code that they can share with their followers. That way, we are able to track your referrals.   Here you can earn up to 30 Euro for each new premium subscription.

Share More, Earn More

In addition to your standard influencer commission, you will be eligible to participate in influencer-exclusive contests and campaigns with the opportunity to earn significant more cash.

The Requirements

In order to establish a long-term relationship with our travel influencers, we require the following:

  • Your personal information: name, address, social media informations. Also, tell us a little about yourself and your objectives as an World-Traveler-Club influencer.
  • Your posting schedule and format: Influencers must post monthly on Instagram with ours tags and hashtags.
  • Do you have additional active social profiles? If so, we require you to share content across all of your channels: YouTube, Facebook, Blog, Twitter, Snapchat or any other platforms!
  • If we welcome you to the World-Traveler-Club, it’s because you’re you and we love to travel. Be your authentic self.
  • A World-Traveler-Club Influencer must have a good reputation and their posts must be relevant to our brand.


Our Affiliate Center

We provide a modern stat-of-the art affiliate center, where you can check all referrals, statistics, payments and you can choose all kind of marketing options and payment options.
By joining our affiliate program you’ll get access to our best promotional materials with above-average industry CTRs. They were developed and tested specially for the affiliate program to help you generate even more leads. Don’t forget to insert your paypal or bank details in your affiliate profile, where we can send you the money.

Apply today (it is free) and start earning right away!



Does being a World-Traveler-Club Influencer cost me anything?

No. It’s completely free to sign up and full of benefits – you have the power to earn commission and valuable cash money, get a gold or platinum membership for free, access to amazing travel deals, and more!

Can I promote other brands as a World-Traveler-Club Influencer?

Yes! The more you use and showcase your travel favorites, the more you increase your earning potential, but we understand there are other brands you love, too.

Is there a requirement to how often I need to post about World-Traveler-Club?

No. How often you post and how much you earn is in your power. If you regularly remind your followers about World-Traveler-Club in tutorials, posts and photos with your unique tracking link and/or code, they are more likely to think of you when they travel.

How can I see the success of my influence promotions?

World-Traveler-Club offers influencer a modern stat-of-the art affiliate center with the top modern tracking technology, reporting and payment processing. This technology offers partners in-depth information on influencer performance and areas of opportunity.

Find here more FAQ and help

How to start and how to earn money?

You just need to register (for free), and login in the affiliate center.  In the “marketing” section you will find all kinds of promotion material.  For social media posts e.g. you can add the affiliate link or the QR code to your posts. If some of your followers subscribe to our Traveler Club you will earn good money.

What can I earn?

As our affiliate & influencer partner you will earn 30% commission of each new premium membership subscription (Gold or Platinum).
It will be US$ 6 for a Gold Membership subscription, and US$ 18 for a Platinum Membership subscription *
For each free basic registration you will get also $0,20 up to $0,50.
Premium Affiliate: If you create more than 100 subscriptions (gold or platinum), you will get 50% of the membership fees as commission.
* first year membership fee (with no discount codes).




Contact us and become a World Traveler Club Ambassador!


Apply today (it is free) and start earning right away!