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Warning! Ticketing Scams

Ticketing Scams.

Most of these airline ticket scams start with where someone buys their airline tickets from. Scammers will set up phony websites or phony customer service numbers that promise discounted flight packages. The scammers will act like they’re booking a legitimate flight while taking the traveler’s money. Often the scammers comment on posts and contact users by private messages. After the transaction is completed, the traveler will receive a phone call from the phony travel company saying the flight has been cancelled, but they can be rerouted for an additional fee. That means the traveler has paid twice for a ticket that doesn’t even exist.
We always warns that no legitimate airline or travel business would call back indicating an immediate price increase.
In another scam, a traveler has a legitimately purchased flight ticket, but scammers will send out a text message posing as an airline, saying that the traveler’s flight has been cancelled when it actually hasn’t. The text contains a phone number to call which would connect the traveler to the scammers who promise to rebook the traveler for an additional fee.
With any kind of travel arrangements, always do your research first. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it just might be. Look for online reviews of the company you’re booking your flight with if you’re not dealing with the airline directly. Also, be careful of emails and texts that claim to be rescheduling or rerouting your flight. Never click on any links provided or call any phone number listed in the messages. Instead, call the airline directly at the customer service number listed on their website.