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Hi everyone, I'm going on a business trip to Paris soon and I may need a bodyguard.
I want a bodyguard to stay with me for 4 days every night for 6 hours.
Thank you in advance for any help.

There's a good local agency - LUTÈCE SÉCURITÉ PRIVÉE. Contact them.

Do you need only one or several bodyguards? And will it involve driving?

It all depends on what you need and what you expect from your bodyguards. I have some experience of traveling with bodyguards because I was in Kyiv this summer. I was obviously afraid to travel there on my own and decided to hire people from https://ohholding.com.ua/en/fizicheskaya-okhrana. This agency offers all kinds of services, including personal protection and escort, a personal driver-bodyguard trained to hide from any “tail” without violating traffic rules.
The price depends on the kind of service you want.