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Las Vegas: 3 nights stay at top-rated 4-star Club de Soleil Resort for only US$99 (entire stay)

Looking for a perfect place to stay while you are in Las Vegas?? Here is the deal.
Make sure you take this limited offer presented by our partner BookVIP to stay at Club de Soleil Resort! You can spend 3 nights in a Deluxe Room at top-rated 4-star “Club de Soleil Resort“. The rates are available from only USD99 for the entire stay. Here, you can enjoy the full kitchen & private balcony, plus a $300 BookVIP Credit. The offer is limited, so hurry up!!

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Note: Price Is Per Room For Entire Stay – Not Per Person, Not Per Night

Featuring in-suite massage services and a beautiful outdoor pool, this Mediterranean style resort offers shuttle service to the Las Vegas Strip. McCarran International Airport is just 5 miles away. Cable TV, a microwave and a fridge are found in each relaxing room of Club de Soleil All-Suite Resort. A coffee maker, DVD player and a kitchen or kitchenette are also included.

Guests of Club de Soleil can relax in the hot tub or work out in the fully equipped fitness room. A sauna, tennis court and children’s playground are also available.

Book this amazing hotel deal here!

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