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Where do you want to travel in 2023?

It will be interesting to know, where you like to travel in 2023.
And what deals you are looking for?

To Europe from Australia

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Travel from Europe to Asia.
very hard to find good flight dals

From Europe to Tokyo is the GOAL! Or at least towards Asia.

Mykonos, Egypt, Crete, Thailand,  Mexico,

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I'm super stoked about my travel plans in 2023, and one country that's at the top of my list is France. The idea of exploring charming cities like Paris, strolling along the Seine, and indulging in delicious croissants and wine excites me.

Me too! I am thrilled by the thought of visiting beautiful cities like Paris, taking leisurely walks along the Seine River, and savoring the delightful taste of croissants and wine. I absolutely love immersing myself in different cultures and discovering hidden gems in every destination. Speaking of France, while I was browsing online, I came across some interesting tours to the iconic Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It's an iconic symbol of the city and offers breathtaking views. I can't wait to witness its grandeur firsthand!

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