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Where do you want to travel in 2023?

It will be interesting to know, where you like to travel in 2023.
And what deals you are looking for?

To Europe from Australia

Joerg1 has reacted to this post.

Travel from Europe to Asia.
very hard to find good flight dals

From Europe to Tokyo is the GOAL! Or at least towards Asia.

Nevada is my goal! It's a nightmare for me when the plane is full. I can hardly stand crowded places. That's why I prefer to travel alone. Even though it's a bit dangerous for a girl to travel alone, I feel comfortable. And I always check the information to see if it's safe to fly to the chosen area. I do this using online platforms. click to check out these Nevada hotels. Nothing complicated. You just click on the name of the country/city you're going to and you get the safety index and the current dangers.