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For our Facebook Group : Business Class & First Class, Deals & more

Everyone is eager to help lend a hand with your trip planning.

Please use the search function. Most of the common questions are answered already in prior posts and comments.

If you’re new to the miles/points redemption game please checkout the countless guide on YouTube (Ask Sebby, Max Miles Points, Ben Hedges, et al) and various sites (thepointsguys, ask sebby, many others) dedicated to maximizing your points/miles/money for business and first class travel. This is like learning a new skill so it’ll take some time on your behalf to get good at figuring out which are the best ways to maximize your resources.

To continue with posting please answer these basic questions in your original post so it will help make responses quicker and more complete:
1. Where are you flying from and to? Any stopovers you need to make?
2. When are you planning to fly? (Exact dates are best but range of dates or a month is fine.) How flexible are the dates?
3. What and how many points/miles do you have (like Chase UR, Amex MR, any particular airline miles that may be relevant).
4. MOST IMPORTANTLY (only applies if you’re asking about fares/redemptions): what fares or point redemptions have you found?
It’s best to try to find some fares and see what everyone on the group thinks rather than say “please find me all flights and fare options from A to B”. Adding your findings helps the group give you targeted advice on whether or not it’s a good deal or perhaps someone can give you an alternative routing that will save you money and points.
Please don’t just post your route and dates without doing your own research first – it’s impolite.