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10 top flight deals of the week!

Flight Deals

We are constantly surfing the web to find awesome flight deals for you.
Here are the latest flight deals we found!

10 top flights deals to save valuable money!!


Viva Mexico!
We just found a cheap flights from Zurich, Switzerland to Cancun, Mexico for only €359 (round-trip).

Available date: January to March 2021.
Example date: 9th to 17th March 2021.

Book here now:



Cheap flights from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Guadalajara, Mexico from only €379 (round-trip).

Available date: May to June 2021.
Example date: 22nd to 29th june 2021.

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Cheap flights from Istanbul to Los Angeles from only € 373 (round-trip). This sale will end soon!

Available in 2021.

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In 2021:  Cheap flights from Geneva, Switzerland to Bangkok, Thailand for only €396 (round-trip).

Availavle date: January to June 2021.
Example date: 30th March to 6th april 2021.

Book here!!:



Non-stop flights from Kherson, Ukraine to Istanbul, Turkey for only €103 (round-trip).

Available date: January to April 2021.
Example date: 14th to 21st April 2021.

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Cheap flights from Moscow, Russia to Seoul, South Korea for only €298 (round-trip).

Available date: April to June 2021.
Example date: 11th to 18th June 2021.

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From USA:


Non-stop flights from Miami to San Juan, Puerto Rico for only $81 (round-trip).

Available date: January to March 2021.
Example date: 3rd to 10th February 2021.

Book here now!!:



Non-stop flights from Denver, Colorado to Phoenix, Arizona for only $45 (round-trip).
*Also works in reverse.

Available date: January to March 2021.
Example date: 25th February to 2nd March 2021.

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Cheap flights from Seattle to Bogota, Colombia from only $310 (round-trip).

Available date: February to September 2021.
Example date: 18th to 25th August 2021.

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Last-Minute Flight Deal: From Orlando to Boston for only $ 25 (round-trip), work also reverse.
Book here:


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Please note, all the information on this page are accurate at the time of publication. Viewing this deal at a later date, prices and deals may change due to utilization of the contingent.

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Note: Due to the corona pandemic and the associated restrictions and risks, you should check recent regulations. Here you can find the current entry requirements for most countries.

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