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Deals of the Week: 20 Top Economy Flights from the USA and Europe

Economy Flight Deals

With our unique “Deal Scanners” we are able to find the top economy flights from over 300 travel blogs, travel sites and travel deal resources for our members.
Here are the top economy flights we found!

Top Economy Flights From the USA and Europe this week:

From USA:

  • Fly roundtrip from the USA to the Azores Islands in Portugal from only $349
  • Fly Nonstop from the USA to Fiji from $682 (roundtrip)
  • Fly roundtrip to Toronto & Montreal from multiple departure cities in the USA from $199
  • Fly from the USA to Seoul, South Korea, from $776 (roundtrip)
  • Fly nonstop from New York or Los Angeles to Berlin from only $353 (roundtrip)
  • Round-trip economy flights to Spain starting at only $333
  • Round-trip flights from San Francisco to Nairobi, Kenya, from only $797
  • Fly roundtrip from Los Angeles to Austin from only $90 (also works in reverse)
  • Round-trip flights from New York to Cairo, Egypt, from only $588
  • Round-trip flights from Seattle to Helsinki, Finland, from only $484


From Europe:

  • Non-stop flights from Milan, Italy, to Hurghada, Egypt, from only €68 (roundtrip)
  • Fly roundtrip from Berlin, Germany, to Bangkok, Thailand, from €341
  • Non-stop flights from Beauvais, France, to Ibiza, Spain, from only €25 (roundtrip)
  • Fly nonstop from London, UK, to Tampa, Florida, starting from only £372 (roundtrip)
  • Round-trip flights from Amsterdam, Netherlands, to Orlando or Miami, USA, from only €254
  • Fly roundtrip from Berlin to New York from only €366
  • Fly nonstop from Vienna to Albania from only €24 (roundtrip)
  • Roundtrip flights from London to Tuscany, Italy, from only £17
  • Roundtrip flights from Paris to Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands from only €278
  • Roundtrip flights from Paris to Conakry, Guinea, from only €219

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