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Latest 15 Hot Economy Class Flight Deals from Europe!!

Flight Deals

Hello Travelers! Here we give you the latest economy class offers found by our Deal Scanner!
Hurry up and get your special prices on flights to any destinations you like!

We’ve scanned for you over 300 airline sites, travel blogs, deal websites, OTA’s, tour operators, and other travel deal providers.
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Just 15 hot latest flight deals from Europe found by our deal scanner:

  • XMAS & NEW YEAR: Fly from Madrid/Spain to Chicago/USA for only €215 (RT) 
  • SUMMER: Return flights from London, UK to Faro, Portugal for only Β£17 round-trip (Jun-Jul dates)
  • Fly from Vienna (Austria) to Mombasa (Kenya) for only €387 round-trip (Sep-Nov dates)
  • Return tickets from London, UK to Sal, Cape Verde for only Β£249 (Nov-Dec dates)
  • Fly to Johannesburg, South Africa for only €384 round-trip from Helsinki, Finland
  • Cheap tickets from Frankfurt, Germany to Santiago, Chile for only €369 round-trip (Oct-Dec dates)
  • Return flights from Zurich, Switzerland to Bogota, Colombia for only €365 round-trip (Aug-Mar dates)
  • Cheap 5* Qatar Airways flights from Sofia to exotic Seychelles for only €445 (RT)
  • Cheap return flights from the UK to Lusaka, Zambia for Β£400 (round-trip)!
  • Until Spring 2022! Cheap flights from Lisbon to exotic Sao Tome and Principe from only €363 (RT)!
  • Cheap flights to San Francisco from Madrid for €274 (round-trip)! [Oct 2021 βˆ’ May 2022]
  • Fly from Hamburg to Palma De Mallorca for just €43 (RT) [Aug 2021 βˆ’ Nov 2021]
  • Flight deal! From Toulouse to Singapore for €373 round-trip! [Jul 2021 βˆ’ Jan 2022]
  • Cheap nonstop flights from Kyiv to Dubai for only €188 (round-trip)!
  • Cheap flights from Switzerland to Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, or Argentina from only €355 (round-trip)!
  • and many more ……..

But remember, the best deals will often disappear in minutes!

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Overview of the cheapes flight deals:

OriginDestinationDeparture atReturn atStopsDistanceFind tickets
GdanskOslo18 June 202121 June 2021Direct771 kmTickets from 10
PoznanLviv16 June 202120 June 2021Direct575 kmTickets from 12
DublinParis24 June 202129 June 2021Direct786 kmTickets from 12
FrankfurtLondon16 June 202118 June 2021Direct620 kmTickets from 12
CologneLondon17 June 202118 June 2021Direct484 kmTickets from 12
ParisDublin24 June 202130 June 2021Direct786 kmTickets from 12
MalagaLisbon16 June 202120 June 2021Direct470 kmTickets from 12
HamburgLondon21 June 202127 June 2021Direct709 kmTickets from 12
BrusselsPrague18 June 202121 June 2021Direct717 kmTickets from 12
ZagrebMilan22 June 202124 June 2021Direct536 kmTickets from 12
CorkLondon11 June 202113 June 2021Direct590 kmTickets from 12
PaphosMikonos22 June 202126 June 2021Direct710 kmTickets from 12
LvivPoznan16 June 202120 June 2021Direct575 kmTickets from 12
DublinBirmingham25 June 202128 June 2021Direct310 kmTickets from 12
LondonFrankfurt30 June 20214 July 2021Direct620 kmTickets from 12
MilanPalermo21 June 202122 June 2021Direct872 kmTickets from 13
MilanLondon23 June 202125 June 2021Direct950 kmTickets from 13
MilanZagreb19 June 202122 June 2021Direct536 kmTickets from 13
LondonMilan23 June 202125 June 2021Direct950 kmTickets from 13
RomeBari24 June 202130 June 2021Direct374 kmTickets from 13
PragueLondon21 June 202127 June 2021Direct1020 kmTickets from 14
WarsawOslo12 June 202115 June 2021Direct1068 kmTickets from 14
OdessaPoznan16 June 202119 June 2021Direct1199 kmTickets from 15
CheongjuJeju14 June 202116 June 2021Direct369 kmTickets from 15
BristolDublin17 June 202119 June 2021Direct330 kmTickets from 15
BirminghamDublin27 June 202130 June 2021Direct310 kmTickets from 15
BariRome16 June 202117 June 2021Direct374 kmTickets from 15
FrankfurtDublin26 June 202130 June 2021Direct1085 kmTickets from 16
DublinEdinburgh25 June 202128 June 2021Direct342 kmTickets from 16
LondonCopenhagen14 June 202115 June 2021Direct947 kmTickets from 16
MilanCatania28 June 202129 June 2021Direct1015 kmTickets from 16
DaeguJeju15 June 202116 June 2021Direct329 kmTickets from 16
KrakowMilan24 June 202129 June 2021Direct943 kmTickets from 16
LondonHamburg25 June 202126 June 2021Direct709 kmTickets from 16
BangkokUdon Thani30 June 20211 July 2021Direct476 kmTickets from 17
BydgoszczLondon18 June 202121 June 2021Direct1229 kmTickets from 17
BarcelonaLondon18 June 202121 June 2021Direct1138 kmTickets from 17
VeniceLondon24 June 202126 June 2021Direct1128 kmTickets from 17
TurinLondon14 June 202120 June 2021Direct911 kmTickets from 17
ShannonLondon11 June 202113 June 2021Direct627 kmTickets from 17
GwangjuJeju22 June 202124 June 2021Direct184 kmTickets from 17
SeoulJeju15 June 202117 June 2021Direct454 kmTickets from 17
BariMilan30 June 20211 July 2021Direct787 kmTickets from 18
ViennaMilan23 June 202128 June 2021Direct626 kmTickets from 18
WroclawLondon17 June 202120 June 2021Direct1170 kmTickets from 18
PalermoMilan19 June 202121 June 2021Direct872 kmTickets from 18
BerlinLondon21 June 202125 June 2021Direct920 kmTickets from 18
LondonVienna23 June 202126 June 2021Direct1224 kmTickets from 18
DublinLondon25 June 202127 June 2021Direct477 kmTickets from 18
LondonReus19 June 202125 June 2021Direct1155 kmTickets from 19
AmsterdamDublin14 June 202117 June 2021Direct756 kmTickets from 19
RomeCatania24 June 202128 June 2021Direct539 kmTickets from 19
BudapestMilan16 June 202117 June 2021Direct787 kmTickets from 19
LondonBarcelona18 June 202121 June 2021Direct1138 kmTickets from 19
CopenhagenKaunas18 June 202121 June 2021Direct722 kmTickets from 19
LondonGirona16 June 202120 June 2021Direct1089 kmTickets from 19
BangkokChiang Rai25 June 202127 June 2021Direct696 kmTickets from 19
KrakowRimini13 June 202116 June 2021Direct865 kmTickets from 19
PragueEdinburgh16 June 202120 June 2021Direct1342 kmTickets from 19
Chiang MaiBangkok25 June 202126 June 2021Direct584 kmTickets from 19
StockholmLondon21 June 202125 June 2021Direct1424 kmTickets from 19
EdinburghDublin14 June 202116 June 2021Direct342 kmTickets from 19
GdanskLondon28 June 202129 June 2021Direct1271 kmTickets from 19
DortmundKatowice14 June 202116 June 2021Direct812 kmTickets from 19
KyivKarlsruhe/Baden Baden25 June 202128 June 2021Direct1592 kmTickets from 19
DusseldorfPescara16 June 202119 June 2021Direct1128 kmTickets from 19
BarcelonaMilan18 June 202119 June 2021Direct726 kmTickets from 19
BolognaLondon19 June 202121 June 2021Direct1145 kmTickets from 19
PoznanOdessa23 June 202126 June 2021Direct1199 kmTickets from 19
WarsawPescara17 June 202120 June 2021Direct1197 kmTickets from 19
WarsawLondon25 June 202127 June 2021Direct1435 kmTickets from 19
KatowiceDortmund19 June 202121 June 2021Direct812 kmTickets from 19
MarseilleLondon12 June 202115 June 2021Direct997 kmTickets from 19
DublinAmsterdam11 June 202113 June 2021Direct756 kmTickets from 19
LondonPrague17 June 202120 June 2021Direct1020 kmTickets from 19
RigaLondon20 June 202124 June 2021Direct1658 kmTickets from 20
ValenciaVenice19 June 202122 June 2021Direct1239 kmTickets from 20
MadridLondon25 June 202127 June 2021Direct1268 kmTickets from 20
BarcelonaDublin23 June 202127 June 2021Direct1480 kmTickets from 20
BremenVilnius16 June 202120 June 2021Direct1094 kmTickets from 20
MilanBudapest18 June 202119 June 2021Direct787 kmTickets from 20
MilanZakinthos25 June 202128 June 2021Direct1295 kmTickets from 20
KatowiceOdessa12 June 202115 June 2021Direct959 kmTickets from 20
MilanVienna25 June 202129 June 2021Direct626 kmTickets from 20
JejuSeoul12 June 202114 June 2021Direct454 kmTickets from 20
MilanKrakow19 June 202122 June 2021Direct943 kmTickets from 20
VilniusOslo16 June 202118 June 2021Direct1049 kmTickets from 20
WarsawStockholm17 June 202122 June 2021Direct817 kmTickets from 20
KrakowOslo14 June 202120 June 2021Direct1235 kmTickets from 20
VeniceTrapani16 June 202118 June 2021Direct838 kmTickets from 20
WarsawGothenburg24 June 202127 June 2021Direct840 kmTickets from 20
LondonMadrid29 June 20215 July 2021Direct1268 kmTickets from 20
KaunasCopenhagen20 June 202121 June 2021Direct722 kmTickets from 20
KatowiceMilan22 June 202126 June 2021Direct907 kmTickets from 20
DublinBerlin18 June 202122 June 2021Direct1317 kmTickets from 20
ViennaWarsaw19 June 202120 June 2021Direct549 kmTickets from 20
Udon ThaniBangkok19 June 202121 June 2021Direct476 kmTickets from 20
GdanskStockholm11 June 202113 June 2021Direct551 kmTickets from 20
TashkentFergana17 June 202121 June 2021Direct231 kmTickets from 21
AndizhanTashkent18 June 202122 June 2021Direct261 kmTickets from 21


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