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Top 12 Economy Class Flight Deals from USA!!

Hello US Travelers! Here we give you the latest economy class offers provided by our Deal Scanner!
Hurry up and get your special prices on flights to top destinations in the world!

We’ve scanned for you over 300 airline sites, travel blogs, deal websites, OTA’s, tour operators, and other travel deal providers.
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Just 12 hot flight deals from USA found by our deal scanner:

  • SUMMER: Fly from US cities to San Jose/Costa Rica from only $233 round-trip
  • HIT: Nonstop flights from Philadelphia to Boston (& vice versa) for only $59 (RT)
  • From Chicago or Cleveland to the Dominican Republic from only $252 round-trip
  • Return flights from New York to Anchorage in Alaska (& vice versa) for only $285 (May-Oct dates)
  • PRICE DROP: Nonstop tickets from New York to Austin/Texas (& vice versa) for only $61 round-trip
  • Until Dec 2021! From New York to Tel Aviv in Israel for only $587 round-trip
  • Cheap flights from Orlando, Florida to Honolulu, Hawaii (& vice versa) for only $304 (RT)
  • Southwest: Fly from San Jose, California to Kona, Hawaii (and vice versa). $258 (RT)
  • Return flights from Los Angeles to Belize City for only $233 (Basic Economy) / $313 (Regular)
  • Aloha!  From Orlando, Florida to Honolulu, Hawaii (& vice versa) for only $304 (RT)
  • Nonstop from Philadelphia to Boston (& vice versa) for only $59 round-trip
  • Cheap: Nonstop from Charlotte, North Carolina to Miami (& vice versa) for only $58 (RT)
  • Spring & Autumn! Cheap flights from New York to Santiago, Chile for only $280 (RT)
  • From Baltimore to Liberia, Costa Rica for only $212 (round-trip)
  • and many more ……..

But remember, the best deals will often disappear in minutes!

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