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The best Business & First Class Deals

Business Class Deals. Emirates

A lot of users are interested in finding deals not only for Economy flights, but also Business and First Class. This was the key driver in launching our Platinum Membership at WorldTravelerClub.com.

Users can access the best Business and First-Class flight deals via a “Platinum” membership to WorldTravelerClub.com.
You won’t ever have to search on hundreds of travel sites again, because our powerful web crawler automatically finds all the deals for you. 2500 eco flight deals, 700 travel deals, 100 premium deals (Business Class and First Class), each day new!   Error fares, airline sales, special offers, hotel misprices, hotel deals, flight hacking, geo-arbitrage, hidden city strategies, and much more ALL at one site!
The membership costs only $39/year and includes all GOLD benefits and access to our Business & First Class scanners.
Furthermore: Free E-Books, Ultimate Flight Deals, Hotel Deal Scannner, Cruise Deal Scanner, and so on.

Note: Champagne tastes much better when you know you’ve paid less than everyone else

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