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The 5 Best Things To Do In Taupo, New Zealand

In actuality, Lake Taupo is the largest super volcano’s crater formed following one of the largest eruptions in the past five thousand years. After blasting everything it could into the air, it went out of existence, and the abandoned crater filled with water. The Lake is fed by constant streams of water coming from the nearby mountains covered in snow.

Although Lake Taupo is now far less secluded than it used to be, evidence of the region’s geothermal activity is visible in the town. Geysers hot springs, geysers, and colorful colors are scattered throughout the landscape. As you sit by the water, you’ll not be distracted by the three volcanoes that lie in the far distance.

Mount Tongariro, Mount Ngauruhoe, and Mount Ruapehu are all visible from Taupo and make spectacular views of the Lake. In the case of Mount Tongariro — you must not overlook its Tongariro Crossing, which has been hailed as New Zealand’s most popular single-day hike. After having completed it early in the year 2013, I don’t argue with the assertion.

There’s one aspect Taupo is most well-known for, but it’s its activities for adventure. It doesn’t matter if it’s jet boating, parasailing, bungy jumping, or even skydiving; there’s something to suit anyone who is a fan of adrenaline. Tourists visit Taupo every day in search of their next thrill.

If you’re one of those who prefers to skipping the button on adventure travel, you’ve enjoyed the intimate atmosphere of Taupo to enjoy as well as the numerous stunning nature trails as well as the Lake to enjoy with chips and fish in your hand. One of my favorite activities during my time in Taupo is walking up towards the breathtaking Huka Falls and marveling at the power that this natural phenomenon produces.

This impressive water feature can be one of the most popular natural attractions throughout New Zealand, and for stunning reasons! Although it’s short in height, being only 11 meters high, it makes up in strength, with it guzzles out 220,000 liters worth of water barrels are pumped over it every second. If you’re like me and struggle to comprehend the magnitude of water, I’ll inform you that it’s enough to fill the Olympic-sized pool in less than 11 seconds.

The best method of experiencing the falls is to go over the bridge that crosses them and also from the numerous other viewpoints on the edge of the water. If you’re driving towards waterfalls, I suggest walking instead.

It takes around an hour to hike between Spa Park to the falls on Huka Falls Trail. Huka Falls Trail, and it’s amazing. It’s an amazing trail that runs through the forest of natives, and I was enthralled by the sound of the water increasing in volume every step. If you’re only able to accomplish just one activity in Taupo, it should be this one. It.

If you’re not a fan of skydiving, but you still have the option of getting close to the volcanoes from the sky through an aerial flight that is scenic over them.

There are a few possibilities here, with floating and helicopters up for grabs. You’ll be able to pick which region to visit before taking off.

Please take a look at Huka Falls from above, fly over the trio of snow-capped volcanoes, and see Mount Ruapehu’s volcano lake, which is shown above, or stroll over the geothermal landscapes that are rainbow-colored to view them from a different angle. It’s even possible to book scenic flights through White Island — New Zealand’s most famous active volcano, which has erupted in 2019 which killed 22 people if you’re feeling brave.

Taupo is about adventures, So you won’t be shocked to learn that it is home to New Zealand’s highest water-touched bungy jump. In addition, it’s also the only New Zealand high-cliff bungee jumping!

Overlooking the stunning Waikato River, you’ll pay the world-renowned bungy jumping company AJ Hackett just $120 for a jump down the cool waters. You can choose to jump on your own or with a partner or two and decide if you’d like to splash in the water or stay dry. What’s the point of the former?

If you’re not a fan of bungy jumping, AJ Hackett also operates an enormous swing at the same spot. It’s connected to a rope about 50 meters long; you’ll jump off the clifftop and end up experiencing speeds of 70 km/h when you move back and forth on an aqua river.

If you’re looking to remain active in Taupo, there are many hiking trails and nature trails to take a stroll on.

One of my favorite hikes, however, is the trek to the summit of Mount Tauhara. It is now a smoldering volcano with a dome-shaped shape; it positively offers an intense workout with views from the top, taking in the views of the countryside are breathtaking. The trail may be a bit rocky in places as there are trees and rocks to be tripped across, but not difficult.

The path is 2.5 km long in one direction. It climbs approximately 500m in elevation. It will take you between 2 and 3 hours to complete the return, based on your fitness level and how to fit you are. Just head to the Mount Tauhara car park to begin your hike.

Aratiatia Rapids. If you’re on a strict budget and want to find enjoyable activities that are free to enjoy the time you spend in Taupo, then look at is the Aratiatia Dam release. It’s especially good with the hike between Spa Park to Huka Falls — and if you continue on the same route and you’ll arrive near Aratiatia Rapids.
The water is released from this dam at various times throughout every day.

It can take about two hours to get to Dam from Spa Park — not including time to snap photographs. I’d suggest leaving Spa Park around three hours before the water release.

If walking for 4 hours is your ideal scenario, No worries. You can drive right to the dam instead.

What’s special about it?

As soon as the gates to the dam are opened, and you can observe in amazement as a tranquil narrow stream instantly changes into turbulent rapids as water flows past at an incredible 80,000 liters per second. 15 minutes later, the gates to the spill are shut, and the peaceful stream is back. It’s pretty amazing to experience how nature can be so powerful such as this.

There are a variety of great spots to watch the release of water. The majority of people choose to sit on the bridge that runs alongside the dam. However, I would suggest attempting the short trail to see a more elevated view of the dam from a different point.

If you’ve never experienced enough excitement in Taupo, I suggest taking a ride onto the Rapids Jet to be awed by the force that is the Aratiatia Rapids up close. If the dam’s gates are opened, you’ll be in the center of the action in the river, pushing through the waves and being a part of the river’s force.

Finally, suppose you’re a huge fan of everything Tolkien. In that case, A few sequences of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug were filming directly in this river and, in particular, the scene in which the dwarves who fled were huddled in barrels, which were later dropped down the river.




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