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Stay at top-rated 5* luxury resort in Bali for only $25/night/room! (Until Novmber 2021)

Bali becomes one of the most visited destinations these days. And here we give you a special hotel deal for your visit.
Until November 2021, you can book and stay at the top-rated 5* The Garcia Ubud, Bali (Indonesia) for very cheap rates. Treat yourself to this Luxury Resort in Bali.

So book now before it’s too late. The rates AT THE MOMENT available starting from only $25 / €22 per night/room.

Encircled by lush rice fields and tropical greenery, The Garcia Ubud is a five-star boutique resort with modern luxury and a touch of contemporary elegance where you’ll be swept into a realm of island-inspired sophistication. Stay in style with a collection of well-appointed guestrooms and private pool villas supported by high-end facilities. As a true celebration of Bali’s heritage with a unique modern twist, this lifestyle resort is where you will encounter nothing less than pure perfection. Experience gracious hospitality that is second to none as all your needs are met with warm words and a genuine smile. Located in the charming village of Lontunduh, you are just minutes from the cultural attractions, shopping and dining options of central Ubud.

Example: 7 – 14. September 2021

Book here the Garcia Ubud:


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