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Stay at 4* beach resort in Koh Samui only $32 / night / jacuzzi room

For our first-timers to Koh Samui, we found a cool hotel deal!
This is your chance to experience a memorable stay while you are exploring Koh Samui. At the moment you can book the top-rated 4-star Zara Beach Resort Koh Samui for very cheap rates. Special from October to December, you are invited to stay in a Deluxe Room with Jacuzzi from only €30 / $32 per night / per room (based on double occupancy in one room). Incl. Tax!!
Interesting also the rates for a pool villa for less than € 60 / night.

Set in a secluded beachfront location along the southeast coast of Koh Samui, Zara Beach Resort Koh Samui offers luxurious accommodation surrounded by nature.
The villas are surrounded by gardens and have a private decking area. All of the living areas include a flat screen satellite TV and a large sofa. Each villa also includes a minibar and tea and coffee making facilities.
With it’s beachfront location, it offers direct beach access where guests can enjoy romantic walks on the sand while taking in views of the Gulf of Thailand.



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Flight Deals to Koh Samui:

Cheap Flights to Koh Samui

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Bangkok29 Nov 20221 Dec 2022Tickets from 144
Utapao9 Nov 202212 Nov 2022Tickets from 204
Singapore3 Nov 20225 Nov 2022Tickets from 379
Ho Chi Minh City3 Oct 20228 Oct 2022Tickets from 393
Trat16 Nov 202219 Nov 2022Tickets from 407
Kuala Lumpur2 Jan 20238 Jan 2023Tickets from 457
Denpasar4 Nov 20226 Nov 2022Tickets from 546
Delhi10 Oct 202211 Oct 2022Tickets from 728
Busan22 Oct 202224 Oct 2022Tickets from 752
Istanbul29 Oct 20224 Nov 2022Tickets from 778
Dubai6 Oct 202211 Oct 2022Tickets from 806
Seoul15 Oct 202219 Oct 2022Tickets from 809
Dhaka30 Dec 20222 Jan 2023Tickets from 829
Goa31 Jan 20235 Feb 2023Tickets from 865
Amsterdam9 Jan 202315 Jan 2023Tickets from 1 051
Tel Aviv-Yafo5 Mar 202311 Mar 2023Tickets from 1 063
Moscow3 Jul 20239 Jul 2023Tickets from 1 075
Warsaw1 Nov 20226 Nov 2022Tickets from 1 125
Hamburg17 Apr 202323 Apr 2023Tickets from 1 139
Abu Dhabi28 Oct 202229 Oct 2022Tickets from 1 194
Astana1 Feb 20237 Feb 2023Tickets from 1 196
Toronto6 Mar 202312 Mar 2023Tickets from 1 239
Tbilisi8 Oct 202212 Oct 2022Tickets from 1 264
Yerevan7 Nov 202213 Nov 2022Tickets from 1 295
Belgrade17 Oct 202223 Oct 2022Tickets from 1 297
Saint Petersburg27 Jan 20231 Feb 2023Tickets from 1 374
Barcelona19 Oct 202221 Oct 2022Tickets from 1 507
Baku9 Oct 202210 Oct 2022Tickets from 1 582
Novosibirsk13 Feb 202319 Feb 2023Tickets from 1 583
Kazan26 Dec 202231 Dec 2022Tickets from 1 669
Bishkek15 Oct 202221 Oct 2022Tickets from 1 686
Almaty3 Oct 20225 Oct 2022Tickets from 1 716
Bodrum14 Oct 202215 Oct 2022Tickets from 1 755
Orenburg12 Dec 202218 Dec 2022Tickets from 1 756
Izmir31 Oct 20221 Nov 2022Tickets from 1 820
Ulaanbaatar19 Oct 202220 Oct 2022Tickets from 1 842
Dushanbe2 Oct 20224 Oct 2022Tickets from 1 842
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Perm30 Oct 20225 Nov 2022Tickets from 2 019
Aktyubinsk19 Oct 202223 Oct 2022Tickets from 2 028
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Volgograd25 Oct 202231 Oct 2022Tickets from 2 131
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Omsk5 Dec 202211 Dec 2022Tickets from 2 311
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Magadan22 Oct 202225 Oct 2022Tickets from 2 933
Vladivostok7 Nov 202213 Nov 2022Tickets from 2 945
Novyj Urengoj3 Oct 20229 Oct 2022Tickets from 3 224
Yekaterinburg3 Oct 20225 Oct 2022Tickets from 3 276
Minsk10 Oct 202211 Oct 2022Tickets from 3 372
Ufa4 Oct 20225 Oct 2022Tickets from 4 356


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