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Latest 30 BUSINESS & FIRST CLASS Deals! (Europe & USA)

Business Class

Flying Business Class or First Class for cheap? No problem!
Here is a current overview of some 20 hot BUSINESS and FIRST CLASS deals found by our deal scanner:

From Europe:

  • Qatar Airways: From Germany to Bali, Indonesia in Business Class from € 1650 (RT)
  • From Germany to Cape Town in QSuite from 1828 (RT)
  • Business Class flights from Italy to Cancun from €1320 (RT)
  • In FIRST CLASS from London to Delhi from £1880 (RT)
  • Fly to New York from €1,380 with LOT Business Class from Budapest
  • Fly in BUSINESS CLASS from Germany to Singapore for only €1,547 (round-trip)
  • For only €1,360 Nonstop KLM Business Class from Amsterdam to Nairobi, Kenya.
  • BUSINESS CLASS flights from Italy to New York, Boston, LA from only €1232 (RT)
  • In Business Class from Lisbon to Fort Lauderdale for €1260 (RT)
  • In BUSINESS CLASS from Switzerland to Florida for only €1,557 (RT)
  • HOT: In Business Class to Asia with SkyTeam for € 833 RT
  • Cheap BUSINESS CLASS flights from France to Las Vegas for only €1,365 (RT)
  • Los Angeles at €1,457, New York at €1,358 in Swiss & Lufthansa Business Class from Italy
  • Swiss & Lufthansa Business Class from Luxemburg to Dubai from €1224€ RT
  • In BUSINESS CLASS from EU to South Korea from only €1,299 (RT)
  • Fly to Miami or Los Angeles in Delta Business Class from €1440 (RT) from Italy
  • With Etihad BUSINESS CLASS From UK To India from Only £1,002 (RT)
  • In BUSINESS CLASS from UK to Santiago, Chile for just £ 1402 (round-trip)
  • In Business Class from Europe to Montreal from €1137 (RT)
  • and many more deals ….

From USA:

  • From Chicago to Istanbul in Business Class from  1605 (RT)
  • In Business Class from Miami to Guayaquil from $715 (RT)
  • Sale: Business Class flights from Chicago to Saint Petersburg $1610 (RT)
  • In Business Class from Dallas to New Delhi, India from  $2200 (RT)
  • In Qatar BUSINESS CLASS from Florida to Dubai for only $2,125 (round-trip)
  • In BUSINESS CLASS from New York to Santa Cruz, Bolivia for just US$ 1,166 (round-trip)
  • Cheap Business class frolghts from Miami to Lima, Peru  $1169 (RT)
  • Domestic: In First Class from New York to Boston from $247 (RT)
  • For ony US$627 in BUSINESS CLASS to San Salvador from Las Vegas  (RT)
  • In LOT Business Class from Chicago to Zagreb via Warsaw from $1759 (RT)
  • BUSINESS CLASS flights from Miami, FL to Brasilia, Brazil for US$ 956 (round-trip)
  • In BUSINESS CLASS from Chicago to Istanbul, Turkey for just US$ 1,572 (round-trip)
  • In BUSINESS CLASS from Texas to India for only US$ 2,177 (round-trip)
  • Cheap Business class flights from US cities to Madrid from $1760 (RT)
  • and many more deals ….


  • From Tel Aviv, Israel to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in BUsiness Class from $ 1888 (RT)

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Please note, all the information on this page are accurate at the time of publication. Viewing this deal at a later date, prices and deals may change due to utilization of the contingent.

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