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In BUSINESS CLASS from Eastern Canada to United Arab Emirates starting from only CA$2,942 (round-trip)!

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Hello Travelers!
How about a visit to the United Arab Emirates? Dubai, where the phrase “skyscraper race” takes on a whole new meaning! You know you’re in Dubai when even the gold-plated fish have their own air-conditioned tanks. ย And if you’ve never ridden a camel through a desert while sipping on a cappuccino, well, you’re in for a treat. Dubai: where the future meets the fantastical!ย 

We found good BUSINESS CLASS fares from Eastern Canada to the United Arab Emirates starting from only CA$2,942 (round-trip), about 41% off the usual price!
(Regular fares in BUSINESS CLASS are around CA$4,300 – $5,700 for a RT).

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