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In BUSINESS CLASS from East Coast USA to South Africa starting from only US$2,323 (round-trip)!

Cape Town, SA

Hello Travelers!
How about a visit to South Africa?

Welcome to Cape Town, where the ocean meets the mountains, and adventure awaits around every corner. Whether you’re sipping on world-class wines in the Winelands, taking a dive with the local sharks, or simply enjoying the view from the top of Table Mountain, you’ll find Cape Town’s beauty is nothing short of jaw-dropping. And hey, if you spot a penguin waddling along the beach, don’t be surprised – this place is full of delightful surprises. So, pack your sunscreen and your sense of wonder, because Cape Town is a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences!

We found excellent BUSINESS CLASS fares from East Coast USA to Cape Town in South Africa starting from only US$2,323 (round-trip), about 53% off the usual price!
(Regular fares in BUSINESS CLASS are around US$4,200 – $6,000 for a RT).

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