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HOT! Fly in BUSINESS CLASS from USA to Switzerland for only US$ 1,705 (round-trip)

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Looking to travel to Europe?
Get ready to embrace the land of precision and chocolate โ€“ Zurich! The Swiss are known for their punctuality, so don’t be surprised if even the cows have a schedule. But it’s not all about watches and banking; Zurich’s got a vibrant arts scene, a beautiful lake for swimming (in summer, unless you’re a penguin), and cheese fondue that’ll make your taste buds yodel with joy. Just remember, if you’re ever lost in this city, just follow the scent of melted cheese โ€“ it’ll lead you to a cozy Swiss restaurant.

Our World Traveler Club team has found the perfect Business Class deal for you to visit Europe!
With fares starting at only US$ 1,705 you could grab a round-trip Business Class flight with Star Alliance Partner from USA to Switzerland.
Now is the time to book your trip to Europe.

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