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Latest 30 Amazing Flight Deals !!!

Airplane Fligh tDeals

Here we have some hot eco flight deals.

Some airlines offer ridiculous cheap flight fares – but sadly, they’re not always departing from your closest airport or city.
But if you’re willing meet them part of the way, you can luck onto some insane flight deals. 
BUT the biggest challenge is, where to find these DEALS and SALES!
That is our part! At World Traveler Club you are able to find all these amazing flight deals!
Our deal scanners working 24h a day to crawl all deals for you.
But better be quick. Remember, the best deals will often disappear in minutes!

Ex Europe:
  • Flights from London, UK to Singapore for only £313 round-trip (Jan-Mar dates)
  • Cheap full-service flights from many UK cities to Zanzibar from only £365 round-trip
  • Cheap flights Amsterdam, Netherlands to Curacao for only €358 roundtrip
  • From Amsterdam, Netherlands to Mumbai, India for only €296 round-trip
  • Flights Prague, Czech Republic to Amman, Jordan for only €19 roundtrip (Nov dates)
  • 5* Singapore Airlines flights from Italy to Phuket or Bangkok, Thailand from €380 RT
  • Cheap flights from Germany to Martinique or Guadeloupe from only €335 (RT)
  • Flights to Brussels from Copenhagen for only DKK 165 round-trip! [Dec 2021 − Jan 2022]
  • Summer 2022! Fly from Italy to Greece (Crete, Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, Zakynthos) for only €20 round trip!
  • Cheap flights from France to Dakar, Senegal, from only €199 (RT)
  • Flights from Budapest to Saint Petersburg for €26 return [Dec 2021 − Oct 2022]
  • High Season! Nonstop flights from Manchester UK to Barbados for only £299 (RT)
  • Direct flights from Italy to Nairobi, Kenya for €358 incl. 2X luggage!
  • Fly from Moscow to tropical Seychelles on board of Etihad Airways from €415 /RT
  • Cheap flights from London to Bangkok, Thailand for £259 (RT)
  • and many more…..


  • Hawaiian Airlines is selling cheap flights from San Diego to Honolulu for as low as $170 return!
  • Flights from San Diego to Hawaii for $170 round-trip  [Nov 2021 − Feb 2022]
  • ULTRA Cheap flights from Miami to Amsterdam starting at $267 return! [Jan 2022]
  • HOT: From Los Angeles to Madrid, Spain for only $330 round-trip (Feb-Mar dates)
  • Cheap non-stop flights from Chicago to Puerto Rico for only $189 (RT)
  • HOT: Cheap flights from Sanfrancisco to Dubai for only $537 return! [Nov 2021 − Jul 2022]
  • Cheap non-stop flights from New York to Turks and Caicos from only $214 (RT)
  • Non-stop return flights from Manchester to New York for £240 (RT)
  • Cheap flights to Minneapolis from Los Angeles for $85 return! [Dec 2021 − Feb 2022]
  • Cheap non-stop flights from New York to Cancun, Mexico from only $217 (round-trip)
  • Flights from Atlanta to Nairobi, Kenya for only $611 round-trip (Jan-May dates)
  • Non-stop from Austin, Texas to Liberia, Costa Rica for only $238 round-trip
  • Cheap flights from Chicago to Milan, Italy for only $366 round-trip (Jan-May dates)
  • Flights from Los Angeles to Dubai starting at $550 return! [Jan 2022 − Sep 2022]
  • Cheap flights to Los Angeles from Florida for $117 return! [Dec 2021 − Jan 2022]
  • and many more…..

EX Australia:

  • Very cheap! Flights from Sydney to Hawaii for AUD 319 round-trip
  • Non-stop from Perth, Australia to Singapore for only $324 AUD roundtrip (Feb-Aug dates)
  • From Sydney, Australia to France for only $1008 AUD round-trip
  • Non-stop from Auckland, New Zealand to Fiji for only $493 NZD round-trip
  • and many more…..


  • Flights from Puerto Rico to San Francisco for $205 return! [Jan 2022 − Jul 2022]


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