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HIT! Top 12 Economy Class Flight Deals from CANADA!!

Hello Travelers from Canada! Here we give you the latest economy class offers fetched by our Deal Scanner!
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We’ve scanned for you over 300 airline sites, travel blogs, deal websites, OTA’s, tour operators, and other travel deal providers.
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Just 12 hot flight deals from CANADA found by our deal scanner:

  • Return flights from Montreal/Canada to Lima/Peru for only $451 CAD (May-Nov dates)
  • Nonstop flights from Toronto to Kelowna, BC (or vice versa) from $245 CAD (round-trip)
  • Fly from Vancouver to El Salvador or Honduras from only $316 to $331 CAD (round-trip) | 2022 available
  • HOT! Fly to Italy, the UK, Switzerland, Poland, France, Austria and more from Toronto from only $416 CAD round-trip
  • Round-trip tickets from Toronto or Hamilton to Calgary or Edmonton, Alberta (or vice versa) from only $223 to $253 CAD (July/August available)
  • Cheap tickets from Toronto to Cancun or Puerto Vallarta in Mexico from only $271 to $293 CAD
  • Direct flights from Toronto to Tokyo in Japan for only $772 CAD round-trip
  • Fly from Toronto to Tel Aviv/Israel only $568 CAD round-trip
  • Round-trip flights to PEI, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia (or vice versa) from only $167 to $186 CAD from Toronto
  • Cheap flights from Québec City to Vancouver (or vice versa) from only $298 CAD round-trip
  • Return flights from Toronto or Hamilton to Victoria, BC (or vice versa) from only $279 to $289 CAD
  • HIT! Fly from Vancouver or Victoria to Kitchener-Waterloo or Ottawa (or vice versa) from only $105 to $236 CAD round-trip
  • and many more ……..

But remember, the best deals will often disappear in minutes!

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Overview of the cheapes flight deals:

OriginDestinationDeparture atReturn atStopsDistanceFind tickets
GdanskOslo19 May 202123 May 2021Direct771 kmTickets from 10
GdanskGothenburg19 May 202123 May 2021Direct546 kmTickets from 11
PaphosChania25 May 202129 May 2021Direct765 kmTickets from 12
DaeguJeju18 May 202119 May 2021Direct329 kmTickets from 13
WarsawOslo25 May 202129 May 2021Direct1068 kmTickets from 14
BariMilan21 May 202125 May 2021Direct787 kmTickets from 17
BariBologna30 May 20213 June 2021Direct586 kmTickets from 17
MilanCatania26 May 202131 May 2021Direct1015 kmTickets from 18
GdanskStockholm21 May 202123 May 2021Direct551 kmTickets from 19
MilanLamezia-Terme17 May 202122 May 2021Direct932 kmTickets from 19
KyivVilnius20 May 202125 May 2021Direct585 kmTickets from 19
CataniaRome31 May 20214 June 2021Direct539 kmTickets from 19
VilniusKyiv27 May 202129 May 2021Direct585 kmTickets from 19
TimisoaraMilan28 May 202131 May 2021Direct944 kmTickets from 19
PalermoMilan31 May 20214 June 2021Direct872 kmTickets from 20
BariRome30 May 202131 May 2021Direct374 kmTickets from 20
DortmundKatowice27 May 20212 June 2021Direct812 kmTickets from 20
Mineralnye VodyElista14 May 202117 May 2021Direct258 kmTickets from 20
ElistaMineralnye Vody21 May 202124 May 2021Direct258 kmTickets from 20
VilniusOslo14 May 202117 May 2021Direct1049 kmTickets from 20
AndizhanTashkent25 May 202128 May 2021Direct261 kmTickets from 20
MilanBrindisi24 May 202128 May 2021Direct891 kmTickets from 21
MilanPalermo31 May 20215 June 2021Direct872 kmTickets from 21
CheongjuJeju17 May 202120 May 2021Direct369 kmTickets from 21
CataniaMilan21 May 202123 May 2021Direct1015 kmTickets from 22
RostovElista16 May 202119 May 2021Direct362 kmTickets from 22
GwangjuJeju31 May 20213 June 2021Direct184 kmTickets from 22
ViennaRome25 May 202128 May 2021Direct766 kmTickets from 22
LondonLisbon24 May 202128 May 2021Direct1594 kmTickets from 23
ElistaRostov19 May 202123 May 2021Direct362 kmTickets from 23
BryanskMoscow19 May 202121 May 2021Direct348 kmTickets from 23
MoscowBryansk22 May 202124 May 2021Direct348 kmTickets from 23
BolognaBari17 May 202119 May 2021Direct586 kmTickets from 23
Lamezia-TermeMilan27 May 202130 May 2021Direct932 kmTickets from 23
AntalyaAdana28 May 202130 May 2021Direct402 kmTickets from 23
BogotaMedellin24 May 202125 May 2021Direct233 kmTickets from 24
KatowiceDortmund21 May 202122 May 2021Direct812 kmTickets from 24
JejuGwangju21 May 202123 May 2021Direct184 kmTickets from 24
SeoulJeju25 May 202127 May 2021Direct454 kmTickets from 24
KrasnodarSaransk26 May 202130 May 2021Direct1104 kmTickets from 24
RostovVoronezh23 May 202126 May 2021Direct509 kmTickets from 24
SaranskKrasnodar30 May 202131 May 2021Direct1104 kmTickets from 24
VoronezhRostov16 May 202119 May 2021Direct509 kmTickets from 24
KyivBratislava28 May 202131 May 2021Direct995 kmTickets from 24
MilanLondon30 May 20213 June 2021Direct950 kmTickets from 24
ViennaBucharest31 May 20211 June 2021Direct856 kmTickets from 24
DublinMilan23 May 202128 May 2021Direct1420 kmTickets from 24
PaphosThessaloniki25 May 202129 May 2021Direct1058 kmTickets from 24
BrindisiMilan14 May 202116 May 2021Direct891 kmTickets from 24
BratislavaKyiv17 May 202121 May 2021Direct995 kmTickets from 24
StockholmGdansk28 May 202131 May 2021Direct551 kmTickets from 25
PortoLondon19 May 202120 May 2021Direct1329 kmTickets from 25
MilanParis28 May 202131 May 2021Direct640 kmTickets from 25
BudapestRome17 May 202121 May 2021Direct810 kmTickets from 25
MilanBari12 May 202115 May 2021Direct787 kmTickets from 25
SamaraUfa16 May 202119 May 2021Direct392 kmTickets from 25
VeniceParis26 May 202130 May 2021Direct845 kmTickets from 25
LondonMilan21 May 202124 May 2021Direct950 kmTickets from 25
MedellinBogota15 May 202117 May 2021Direct233 kmTickets from 25
JejuBusan15 May 202116 May 2021Direct290 kmTickets from 26
AtyrauAktyubinsk28 May 202131 May 2021Direct526 kmTickets from 26
NaplesMilan31 May 20211 June 2021Direct658 kmTickets from 26
BusanJeju30 May 20211 June 2021Direct290 kmTickets from 26
LondonDublin31 May 20216 June 2021Direct477 kmTickets from 26
MilanBucharest29 May 20212 June 2021Direct1334 kmTickets from 26
MilanDublin30 May 20213 June 2021Direct1420 kmTickets from 26
Basel, Switzerland/MulhouseIstanbul20 May 202121 May 2021Direct1860 kmTickets from 27
RomeBudapest31 May 20214 June 2021Direct810 kmTickets from 27
AdanaAntalya30 May 20213 June 2021Direct402 kmTickets from 27
ViennaLondon28 May 202130 May 2021Direct1224 kmTickets from 27
KurganMoscow14 May 202115 May 2021Direct1730 kmTickets from 27
UlyanovskYekaterinburg24 May 202127 May 2021Direct826 kmTickets from 27
MoscowBelgorod24 May 202127 May 2021Direct573 kmTickets from 27
BelgorodMoscow22 May 202124 May 2021Direct573 kmTickets from 27
YekaterinburgUlyanovsk13 May 202117 May 2021Direct826 kmTickets from 27
YekaterinburgSamara21 May 202126 May 2021Direct767 kmTickets from 27
CaliMedellin28 May 202130 May 20211 Stop312 kmTickets from 27
UfaKaluga18 May 202120 May 20211 Stop1263 kmTickets from 27
KalugaUfa13 May 202118 May 20211 Stop1263 kmTickets from 27
RomeDublin30 May 20213 June 2021Direct1892 kmTickets from 27
WarsawKyiv24 May 202128 May 2021Direct689 kmTickets from 27
KyivVienna31 May 20214 June 2021Direct1053 kmTickets from 27
AktyubinskAtyrau24 May 202128 May 2021Direct526 kmTickets from 28
CaliBogota22 May 202124 May 20211 Stop279 kmTickets from 28
BarcelonaPalma Mallorca30 May 20211 June 2021Direct210 kmTickets from 28
MonteriaMedellin15 May 202117 May 20211 Stop289 kmTickets from 28
UfaSamara21 May 202124 May 2021Direct392 kmTickets from 28
BudapestParis19 May 202123 May 2021Direct1245 kmTickets from 28
ChelyabinskKhanty-Mansiysk29 May 20211 June 2021Direct776 kmTickets from 28
AtyrauAktau25 May 202128 May 2021Direct366 kmTickets from 28
SeoulBusan26 May 202127 May 2021Direct319 kmTickets from 28
MedellinMonteria15 May 202119 May 20211 Stop289 kmTickets from 28
VeniceLondon31 May 20214 June 2021Direct1128 kmTickets from 29
LondonFaro19 May 202123 May 2021Direct1732 kmTickets from 29
ManilaDipolog31 May 20211 June 2021Direct715 kmTickets from 29
KrasnodarMineralnye Vody30 May 20213 June 2021Direct325 kmTickets from 29
Mineralnye VodyKrasnodar20 May 202123 May 2021Direct325 kmTickets from 29
BogotaBarranquilla22 May 202126 May 2021Direct692 kmTickets from 29
RomeCatania27 May 202130 May 2021Direct539 kmTickets from 30
TyumenOmsk29 May 202131 May 2021Direct553 kmTickets from 30


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