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HIT! Latest flight deals from our deal scanners!

As travel restrictions are being removed in different countries, travel will begin to recover gradually. Most airlines will extend their fee waivers making it easier for travelers to make and change their travel plans. You won’t ever have to search on hundreds of travel sites again, because our powerful web crawler automatically finds the best deals for you

Now is the best time to grab our flight deals! Our deal scanners has begun working again allowing us to fetch hundreds of deals each day.

Some flight deals for our members in Europe:

  • Cheap return flights from Prague to Tokyo/Japan from €385 (round-trip)
  • Return flights from Barcelona to New Delhi (India) from €371 (round-trip)
  • Fly to Tirana, Albania for only £18 (round-trip) from London in late summer!
  • Cheap return flights from Dortmund to Sardinia or Sicily for only €20
  • Cheap return flights from main airports in Italy to Toronto from only  €256
  • Return flights from Madrid to Puerto Rico from only €270
  • Fly from Vilnius to Maldives for only €488 (round-trip)
  • Cheap flights to Mombasa in Kenya from Brussels from €320 (round-trip)
  • Nonstop flights from London to Antigua & Barbuda from only £370 (round-trip)
  • Peak Season: Cheap flights from Lisbon to Namibia, & return from South Africa for only €328.
  • Return flights from Madrid to San Juan/Puerto Rico for only €275
  • HOT! Fly from Italian cities to Toronto/Canada from only €256 (round-trip)
  • Until March 2021! Cheap flights from London to San Jose for only £303 (round-trip)
  • Fly to Havana in Cuba from London, UK for only £389 (round-trip)
  • Cheap flights from Luxembourg to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for only €386 (rt)
  • Nonstop flights from Amsterdam to Iceland only €113 with Transavia (Checked Bags Add €55)
  • and many more…..

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Please note, all the information on this page are accurate at the time of publication. Viewing this deal at a later date, prices and deals may change.
ACT FAST AND TAKE ADVANTAGE of this deal before it’s gone! Remember, the best deals will often disappear in minutes!
All deals are limited and may not be available on all dates.

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Note: COVID is still ongoing around the world. Please consult with health authorities on guidance and restrictions regarding travel, including COVID-19 testing, proof of vaccination, and possible quarantine requirements. Here you can find the current entry requirements for most countries.

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