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Guide on how to get expired Qantas Frequent Flyer points reinstated

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How to recover expired Qantas points

Assuming your Qantas account has been inactive for 18 months, and you log in one day to find that all your Qantas points have vanished, is there a way to get them back?

Fortunately, Qantas offers a mechanism for returning ALL of your missing points: it’s called the QANTAS POINTS CHALLENGE.

As long as you contact Qantas within six months of your points expiring, the Qantas Points Challenge will reinstate all of your expired Qantas points provided you earn 2,500 Qantas points within three months.

Earning 2,500 Qantas points within three months is not hard.

Contact the Qantas Frequent Flyer Service Centre. You can do this by calling (Australia) 13 11 31, emailing frequent_flyer@qantas.com.au or by filling out a web form on the Qantas website.






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