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From Australia to Moscow for only A$ 1.039 (round-rtip)


Rare to see!
From Sydney, Australia to Moscow, Russia for only A$ 1.039 (round-rtip).
Incl. luggage 23 kg, full service.
Flights available until July 2021 for this price!
Note, this sale could end very soon.

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OriginDestinationDeparture atReturn atStopsDistanceFind tickets
SydneyMelbourne31 July 20211 August 2021Direct714 kmTickets from 44
SydneyCoolangatta (Gold Coast)15 June 202118 June 2021Direct671 kmTickets from 66
SydneyBallina5 June 20217 June 2021Direct602 kmTickets from 89
SydneyBrisbane1 June 20212 June 2021Direct733 kmTickets from 94
SydneySunshine Coast28 October 202131 October 2021Direct828 kmTickets from 104
SydneyAdelaide16 October 202119 October 2021Direct1163 kmTickets from 110
SydneyLaunceston7 September 202111 September 20211 Stop923 kmTickets from 119
SydneyHobart6 September 202110 September 2021Direct1049 kmTickets from 125
SydneyArmidale19 June 202121 June 2021Direct373 kmTickets from 154
SydneyNewcastle21 May 202122 May 20211 Stop117 kmTickets from 156
SydneyCanberra8 July 20219 July 2021Direct244 kmTickets from 176
SydneyCairns15 May 202121 May 2021Direct1968 kmTickets from 223
SydneyMoree1 July 20217 July 2021Direct503 kmTickets from 231
SydneyCooma23 July 202125 July 2021Direct339 kmTickets from 238
SydneyMackay17 June 202120 June 20211 Stop1426 kmTickets from 252
SydneyAlbury22 May 202123 May 2021Direct458 kmTickets from 253
SydneyAyers Rock26 July 202129 July 20211 Stop2179 kmTickets from 254
SydneyTownsville5 June 20216 June 2021Direct1684 kmTickets from 254
SydneyKing Island1 July 20217 July 20211 Stop933 kmTickets from 261
SydneyPerth10 June 202114 June 2021Direct3294 kmTickets from 261
SydneyAuckland3 June 20219 June 2021Direct2158 kmTickets from 267
SydneyProserpine18 June 202124 June 20211 Stop1512 kmTickets from 306
SydneyQueenstown14 August 202119 August 2021Direct1945 kmTickets from 323
SydneyChristchurch3 June 20219 June 20211 Stop2131 kmTickets from 339
SydneyRockhampton20 May 202124 May 20211 Stop1169 kmTickets from 356
SydneyHervey Bay23 August 202124 August 20211 Stop965 kmTickets from 365
SydneyWellington3 June 20216 June 20211 Stop2232 kmTickets from 401
SydneyHamilton Island2 October 20214 October 2021Direct1521 kmTickets from 457
SydneyDarwin2 October 20215 October 2021Direct3152 kmTickets from 462
SydneyBeijing15 December 202120 December 20211 Stop8958 kmTickets from 483
SydneyAlice Springs29 May 202131 May 20211 Stop2029 kmTickets from 566
SydneySingapore22 January 202223 January 20221 Stop6305 kmTickets from 594
SydneyBangkok1 October 20212 October 20211 Stop7543 kmTickets from 834
SydneyHonolulu13 April 202214 April 20221 Stop8175 kmTickets from 934
SydneyLos Angeles30 September 20213 October 20211 Stop12087 kmTickets from 1 005
SydneySeoul1 July 20217 July 20211 Stop8338 kmTickets from 1 683
SydneyLondon26 May 202131 May 20211 Stop17001 kmTickets from 2 130
SydneyTokyo1 June 20216 June 20211 Stop7835 kmTickets from 2 577
SydneyTashkent12 September 202118 September 20211 Stop11829 kmTickets from 3 488


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