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EUROPE Summer 2023 Date Shift

Date modification . I am in search of flight this suumer LAX- London or Dublin or Berlin Business or higher - date June 21st ish - July 23rd ish.. We are open to going to east coast if needed.. Budget 2000 or so each RT

Thank you in advance and ready to buy.

Unfortunately  for your dates, the SAS deal is gone ($2702).
Now here are some options from Los Angeles:
LAX to Dublin  Business Class for US$ 3460 round-trip, p.pers. : https://flights.worldtravelerclub.com/flights/LAX2106DUB2307b1
LAX to London with Turkish SAirlines about $ 3145 (RT): https://flights.worldtravelerclub.com/flights/LAX2106LON2307b1

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debbie spellman

Thank you.. Standing by.. Hoping to get in the 5000 dollar range RT... so appreciate the assist..

Option 1: Boston to Inverness ( a city in Scotland) via London which is where you want to visit your Scottish cousins. June 20th to July 20th British Airways Club Suite, newest Business Class Round trip for $2,363


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Option 2: Boston to London nonstop flight, British Airways Club Suite, newest Business Class Round trip for $2,081 from online travel agent or $2,266 direct from British Airways.


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If you are please with the above suggestions, please http://www.buymeacoffee.com/solidgold

Good luck and happy flying 👍


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