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15 Latest Economy Class Flight Deals from Europe!!

Hello Travelers! Here we give you the latest economy class offers found by our Deal Scanner!
Hurry up and get your special prices on flights to any destinations you like!

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Just 14 hot latest flight deals from Europe found by our deal scanner:

  • Fly from Zurich, Switzerland to the US Virgin Islands for only €292 round-trip
  • Return flights from Barcelona, Spain to Cancun, Mexico for only €323 (Sep-Dec dates)
  • Cheap flights from Madrid (Spain) to Sao Paulo (Brazil) for only €325 round-trip
  • Round-trip tickets from Vilnius/Lithuania to Milan/Italy for only €17 (Apr dates)
  • Fly to Banjul (Gambia) for only €220 (round-trip) from Barcelona (Nov-Dec dates)
  • Cheap flights from London (UK) to Tehran (Iran) for only £169 round-trip (Nov-Dec dates)
  • Return tickets depart from Bucharest/Romania to Istanbul for only €64 (RT)
  • Travel to San Jose (California) from Amsterdam (Netherlands)  for only €298 round-trip
  • With Etihad from Switzerland to Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney) from just €535 (RT)!
  • SUMMER ! Direct flights from Friedrichshafen to Antalya, Turkey for only €74 (RT)
  • Cheap flights from Europe to Pakistan from only €208 (round-trip)!
  • Nonstop return flights from Milan to Istanbul for just €35 (round-trip)!
  • Cheap flights from Spain to Bangkok in Thailand from €326 (round-trip)!
  • Full-service return flights from Germany to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia for €407 (RT)!
  • Return flights from Germany to Cayenne, French Guiana for €512!
  • and many more ........

But remember, the best deals will often disappear in minutes!

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Overview of the cheapes flight deals:

OriginDestinationDeparture atReturn atStopsDistanceFind tickets
DaeguJeju25 April 202128 April 2021Direct329 kmTickets from 15
CheongjuJeju27 April 202128 April 2021Direct369 kmTickets from 16
BusanJeju24 April 202128 April 2021Direct290 kmTickets from 18
GwangjuJeju27 April 202130 April 2021Direct184 kmTickets from 19
Lamezia-TermeMilan24 April 202125 April 2021Direct932 kmTickets from 19
ParisMilan23 April 202126 April 2021Direct640 kmTickets from 19
DortmundVienna26 April 202130 April 2021Direct727 kmTickets from 19
JejuDaegu23 April 202126 April 2021Direct329 kmTickets from 20
LondonDublin24 April 202125 April 2021Direct477 kmTickets from 20
GdanskKyiv23 April 202126 April 2021Direct925 kmTickets from 20
CataniaMilan30 April 20216 May 2021Direct1015 kmTickets from 21
JejuBusan23 April 202127 April 2021Direct290 kmTickets from 21
MilanCatania26 April 202128 April 2021Direct1015 kmTickets from 21
KyivBerlin30 April 20213 May 2021Direct1203 kmTickets from 21
SeoulJeju27 April 202129 April 2021Direct454 kmTickets from 22
BrusselsWarsaw24 April 202127 April 2021Direct1158 kmTickets from 22
AndizhanTashkent27 April 202130 April 2021Direct261 kmTickets from 22
TashkentAndizhan27 April 202130 April 2021Direct261 kmTickets from 22
BariBologna23 April 202125 April 2021Direct586 kmTickets from 22
BryanskMoscow30 April 20212 May 2021Direct348 kmTickets from 22
MilanPalermo30 April 20214 May 2021Direct872 kmTickets from 22
BarcelonaPalma Mallorca29 April 20213 May 2021Direct210 kmTickets from 23
RostovVoronezh25 April 202128 April 2021Direct509 kmTickets from 23
VoronezhRostov25 April 202128 April 2021Direct509 kmTickets from 23
Belo HorizonteRio De Janeiro27 April 20213 May 20212 Stops329 kmTickets from 23
BogotaCali25 April 202129 April 2021Direct279 kmTickets from 24
CataniaRome30 April 20212 May 2021Direct539 kmTickets from 24
ViennaRome23 April 202126 April 2021Direct766 kmTickets from 24
CataniaNaples28 April 20212 May 2021Direct381 kmTickets from 24
ManilaIloilo23 April 202127 April 2021Direct464 kmTickets from 24
BariRome24 April 202127 April 2021Direct374 kmTickets from 24
ViennaDortmund23 April 202126 April 2021Direct727 kmTickets from 24
AdanaAntalya26 April 202127 April 2021Direct402 kmTickets from 24
MedellinBogota24 April 202127 April 2021Direct233 kmTickets from 24
PalermoMilan30 April 20212 May 2021Direct872 kmTickets from 24
JejuSeoul23 April 202127 April 2021Direct454 kmTickets from 24
SeoulBusan21 April 202122 April 2021Direct319 kmTickets from 24
LondonMilan30 April 20212 May 2021Direct950 kmTickets from 25
DublinLondon23 April 202125 April 2021Direct477 kmTickets from 25
Rio De JaneiroBelo Horizonte29 April 20212 May 20211 Stop329 kmTickets from 25
MilanLondon30 April 20212 May 2021Direct950 kmTickets from 25
MilanLamezia-Terme25 April 202126 April 2021Direct932 kmTickets from 25
AtyrauAktau25 April 202128 April 2021Direct366 kmTickets from 25
CaliBogota27 April 202129 April 2021Direct279 kmTickets from 25
MedellinCali30 April 20212 May 20211 Stop312 kmTickets from 25
BusanSeoul23 April 202125 April 2021Direct319 kmTickets from 25
AtyrauAktyubinsk22 April 202127 April 2021Direct526 kmTickets from 25
PortoParis21 April 202125 April 2021Direct1214 kmTickets from 25
AktyubinskAtyrau29 April 20211 May 2021Direct526 kmTickets from 25
Sao PauloBelo Horizonte25 April 202127 April 2021Direct499 kmTickets from 26
AktauAtyrau22 April 202127 April 2021Direct366 kmTickets from 26
RostovBryansk24 April 202127 April 2021Direct772 kmTickets from 26
LondonKatowice23 April 202126 April 2021Direct1335 kmTickets from 26
StavropolMakhachkala27 April 20211 May 2021Direct531 kmTickets from 26
LisbonParis23 April 202125 April 2021Direct1455 kmTickets from 26
KrakowPaphos25 April 202128 April 2021Direct1997 kmTickets from 27
BerlinKyiv26 April 202130 April 2021Direct1203 kmTickets from 27
BarcelonaSantiago De Compostela27 April 20211 May 2021Direct889 kmTickets from 27
BariMilan25 April 202127 April 2021Direct787 kmTickets from 27
ElistaMineralnye Vody23 April 202126 April 2021Direct258 kmTickets from 27
Rio De JaneiroSao Paulo28 April 20211 May 20212 Stops361 kmTickets from 27
KrasnodarAdler/Sochi30 April 20212 May 2021Direct187 kmTickets from 28
Mineralnye VodyElista30 April 20213 May 2021Direct258 kmTickets from 28
KrasnodarMineralnye Vody25 April 202129 April 2021Direct325 kmTickets from 28
Mineralnye VodyKrasnodar29 April 20212 May 2021Direct325 kmTickets from 28
WarsawOslo24 April 202127 April 2021Direct1068 kmTickets from 28
MadridRome30 April 20212 May 2021Direct1365 kmTickets from 28
WarsawStockholm24 April 202127 April 2021Direct817 kmTickets from 28
NaplesPalermo30 April 20212 May 2021Direct311 kmTickets from 29
WarsawLondon25 April 202126 April 2021Direct1435 kmTickets from 29
BangkokChiang Mai24 April 202125 April 2021Direct584 kmTickets from 29
Belo HorizonteSao Paulo26 April 20212 May 2021Direct499 kmTickets from 29
BogotaBarranquilla30 April 20212 May 2021Direct692 kmTickets from 29
Chiang MaiBangkok29 April 20215 May 2021Direct584 kmTickets from 29
WarsawParis27 April 202130 April 2021Direct1364 kmTickets from 29
CagliariMilan26 April 202130 April 2021Direct691 kmTickets from 29
BarcelonaIbiza30 April 20211 May 2021Direct287 kmTickets from 30
NaplesMilan30 April 20216 May 2021Direct658 kmTickets from 30
RomeCatania30 April 20215 May 2021Direct539 kmTickets from 30
PhuketBangkok30 April 20214 May 2021Direct668 kmTickets from 30
Nizhniy NovgorodMoscow25 April 20211 May 2021Direct387 kmTickets from 30
IzmirAdana22 April 202123 April 2021Direct733 kmTickets from 30
UfaSamara22 April 202126 April 2021Direct392 kmTickets from 30
LisbonBordeaux23 April 202125 April 2021Direct984 kmTickets from 30
LondonBudapest28 April 20211 May 2021Direct1438 kmTickets from 30
RomeMadrid28 April 20213 May 2021Direct1365 kmTickets from 30
Sao PauloRio De Janeiro21 April 202127 April 2021Direct361 kmTickets from 31
BangkokPhuket26 April 202129 April 2021Direct668 kmTickets from 31
MoscowNizhniy Novgorod24 April 202125 April 2021Direct387 kmTickets from 31
CataniaBologna30 April 20212 May 2021Direct841 kmTickets from 31
BogotaSanta Marta28 April 202130 April 2021Direct714 kmTickets from 31
NovosibirskKemerovo28 April 202130 April 2021Direct221 kmTickets from 31
NovosibirskBarnaul28 April 202129 April 2021Direct192 kmTickets from 31
KemerovoNovosibirsk25 April 202130 April 2021Direct221 kmTickets from 31
BogotaMedellin23 April 202125 April 2021Direct233 kmTickets from 31
Tel Aviv-YafoVienna23 April 202126 April 2021Direct2382 kmTickets from 32
PoznanLondon30 April 20212 May 2021Direct1152 kmTickets from 32
IstanbulBasel, Switzerland/Mulhouse26 April 202129 April 2021Direct1860 kmTickets from 32
BolognaBari30 April 20213 May 2021Direct586 kmTickets from 32
VolgogradBryansk24 April 202127 April 2021Direct859 kmTickets from 32


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