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Best flight deals from Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles

Looking for a cheap flight from Los Angeles to top destinations in the USA and rest of the world?
Here are some really cheap flight deals out of Los Angeles, LAX.

Cheap Flights from Los Angeles to

DestinationDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Oakland13 Oct 202216 Oct 2022From 61
Las Vegas11 Oct 202213 Oct 2022From 69
San Francisco6 Oct 202212 Oct 2022From 166
Chicago9 Dec 202214 Dec 2022From 166
Dallas23 Oct 202227 Oct 2022From 171
Seattle24 Nov 202230 Nov 2022From 204
Salt Lake City10 Feb 202312 Feb 2023From 213
Houston12 Oct 202218 Oct 2022From 225
New York26 Oct 20221 Nov 2022From 229
Denver8 Dec 202211 Dec 2022From 235
Saint Louis11 Oct 202214 Oct 2022From 236
Minneapolis27 Oct 202230 Oct 2022From 258
Nashville18 Oct 202221 Oct 2022From 265
Fort Lauderdale21 Oct 202223 Oct 2022From 267
Kauai Island7 Dec 202212 Dec 2022From 272
Honolulu16 Nov 202222 Nov 2022From 276
Orlando21 Oct 202224 Oct 2022From 281
Miami29 Oct 202230 Oct 2022From 286
Kahului11 Feb 202316 Feb 2023From 287
Boston1 Nov 20224 Nov 2022From 288
Atlanta18 Oct 202221 Oct 2022From 300
Toronto1 Dec 20227 Dec 2022From 319
Albuquerque2 Mar 20236 Mar 2023From 319
Cabo San Lucas31 Oct 20225 Nov 2022From 324
San Antonio5 Nov 20226 Nov 2022From 342
Rochester27 Oct 20221 Nov 2022From 350
Cancun5 Nov 202211 Nov 2022From 401
Birmingham2 Dec 20228 Dec 2022From 415
Kailua-Kona3 Oct 20227 Oct 2022From 449
Charlotte5 Jan 202311 Jan 2023From 469
Everett24 Nov 202230 Nov 2022From 471
Baltimore11 Oct 202212 Oct 2022From 495
Tijuana8 Oct 202212 Oct 2022From 498
Mexico City21 Nov 202226 Nov 2022From 590
Barcelona30 Nov 20224 Dec 2022From 644
Anchorage19 Oct 202223 Oct 2022From 649
San Juan10 Nov 202213 Nov 2022From 699
Raleigh/Durham14 Oct 202216 Oct 2022From 738
Paris30 Nov 20224 Dec 2022From 747
Dubai15 Oct 202219 Oct 2022From 769
Frankfurt30 Nov 20224 Dec 2022From 769
Grand Rapids22 Nov 202227 Nov 2022From 773
Panama City20 Oct 202223 Oct 2022From 775
Papeete6 Dec 202212 Dec 2022From 829
Milan17 Nov 202222 Nov 2022From 844
Tokyo1 Oct 20226 Oct 2022From 856
Montego Bay10 Nov 202214 Nov 2022From 881
Milwaukee23 Nov 202227 Nov 2022From 881
Sao Paulo31 Oct 20221 Nov 2022From 889
Jakarta2 Nov 20228 Nov 2022From 913
Hanoi1 Feb 20235 Feb 2023From 963
Cairo18 Oct 202223 Oct 2022From 976
Sharm el Sheikh26 Oct 202230 Oct 2022From 1 037
Almaty10 Nov 202213 Nov 2022From 1 342
Budapest10 Oct 202213 Oct 2022From 1 347
Seoul13 Jan 202319 Jan 2023From 1 393
Sydney30 Oct 20223 Nov 2022From 1 433
Bishkek28 Dec 202230 Dec 2022From 2 175

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