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No! If you have signed up for free, you won’t get charged at any time! Only if you chose one of your Premium plans, you’ll get charged in a yearly basis.

We don’t believe, that you really want to cancel one of your premium plans, but you can cancel the subscription at any time you want. Once you’ve cancelled, we won’t charge you anymore.

Simple! Our smart system fetch all travel deals for you (flights, hotels, cruises, etc.). We catch all the: “error fares”, “hidden city strategies”, “geo arbitrage strategies”, “mispriced hotels & flights”, sales, promotions, and discounts for you.  Our deal scanners system is crawling 24/7 automatically for the best deals and provide them for you.  We fetch over 3000 cheap flights from over 70 worldwide airports each day. Over 700 unique travel deals (Flights, Business & Flirst Class, Hotel Deals, Cruise Deals, Discount Coupons, etc.) from over 300 resources. And our team will share some highlights in our blog.

Most likely, yes. We are based in Europe, so our concentration are deals from Europe but we can’t control where deals originate from. However we’ll search for deals from all international airports, wether they are large or small. Some of the best deals might require a longer drive or even an additional short flight for you to take advantage of them, but the savings are often worth it. As Platinum member you can mail us your nearest airport and we’ll create a page with the best flight deals from this airport. This service is within the premium membership. You won’t have to pay any additional fees.

No, we also hate email subscriptions that are sending useless mails day by day. Our newsletter is sent out about one time per month.  You are able to signup for our deal notifications, which will send you a max. amount of one mail per day. However this is an optional service for you.


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