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AirAsia Super+ Go Unlimited Pass

AirAsia has revealed a new Super+ Go Unlimited Pass.
AirAsia’s Super Plus pass offers unlimited flights with COVID-19 coverage and free food delivery for one year.
You can fly as many times as you want for one year with this “AirAsia Super+ Go Unlimited Pass” when you redeem your flights with this pass!

For Aussies, you’d need to get the Premium one at around AUD $767 (RM 2,288), although there is a cheaper Asia only one for under AUD $300.

Then on, the cost of a flight ticket is waived, you pay for fuel and tax. Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur would cost under AUD $300, Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo around AUD $75 with the pass.Β  So you’ll need to really do two trips to make it worth your while, but the possibilities are very tempting…

Countries applicable*:

βœ… Malaysia
βœ… Thailand
βœ… Philippines
βœ… Indonesia
βœ… Singapore
βœ… Vietnam
βœ… Cambodia
βœ… Myanmar
βœ… Laos
βœ… Brunei
βœ… Japan
βœ… Korea
βœ… Australia
βœ… Maldives
βœ… China (TW/HK/MO)
βœ… India
and more

To see the deal, and of course READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS VERY CAREFULLY, see the AirAsia website.



SUPER+ Premium can be used on selected flights with airline code: Malaysia AirAsia (AK), Thailand AirAsia (FD), Indonesia AirAsia (QZ), Philippines AirAsia (Z2), and Malaysia AirAsia X (D7).

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