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5 Best Things To Do In Berlin, Germany


Berlin, Germany’s capital, Germany, has seen more transformational history-related events than I could recall over its time; it has reached the bottom and the highest.

Berlin is one of the cities with numerous stories to be told, from the demise of dictatorships to creating an international community full of tolerance, diversity, and freedom. I’m convinced that every city has a story that is it is own. People, history, politics and opportunities in architecture – each town has a distinctive atmosphere that isn’t found elsewhere. The more in-depth you explore the city, the more it is alive.

Despite its turbulent history, Berlin is nowadays the city to visit in search of an open-minded population, a stunning spirit of diversity, and a bustling life that is so intense that it is difficult to find anything that can quell it.

Berlin is a place of excitement and pop culture, colours as well as environmental sustainability. It is rampant between areas that are rich in tradition and proudly remind us of the past and what we’ve learned from our experiences in the past.

That’s what I like the most, Berlin more than anything else. The acceptance of all and the determination to improve, be more successful and have fun in the process. Berlin can show the world that even though the city was close to being destroyed during the war, despite an edifice that divided its inhabitants at one time, and even though the town suffered the most… the city also gained. It grew and learned and showed the world you can rise from the rubble and create the world a better place.

Berlin is a colossal city that plays a significant part in its European Union role and is inevitably connected to European history and culture. Many spots in Berlin are worth visiting when you visit the city, from the East Side Gallery to Berliner Fernsehturm to the Museum Island.

Berlin blends the historic and modern. You can enjoy various activities and explore a wide variety of historical and thrilling sites for those born during the 21st Century.

Only a few steps away from Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag Building (Reichstagsgebaude in German) is the home of the German parliament. Precisely the place where Bundestag, which is the lower section in the parliament, is located.

There are several ways to describe this structure, such as enormous, massive and spectacular. It’s your choice.

I consider it an example of the stunning European architecture that transports one back in time by watching it. Reichstag Building is over 100 years old, yet it appears to be much more old-fashioned when you’re sitting next to it and looking at it because of its grandeur.

The Reichstag Building was destroyed during the Battle of Berlin, being one of the principal targets. It is also a place of happy memories, however, as it’s where the official German Reunification ceremony took place in the year 1990. Today, it’s the second most frequented tourist destination across Germany and is an absolute must-see on the list of attractions to visit in Berlin. The building itself is beautiful; however, the glass dome at its centre can make the experience unique and fascinating.

Regarding the fantastic views of the city, the Berlin Television Tower (Berliner Fernsehturm in German) is classified to be one of the highest structures in Europe. It is also the tallest building in Germany. With its 368-meter height, the panorama of Berlin from there is truly breathtaking. In truth, it will turn your head.

Berlin Television Tower Berlin Television Tower was constructed by communists in East Berlin when Berlin was split into two parts, segregating West Germany from East Germany. It was a symbol of the strength of communism as well in the town itself. In the present, Berlin Fernsehturm has become an increasingly popular tourist attraction and is one of the places that everyone sees when staying in Berlin.

The most appealing thing to the building? There’s a bar and restaurant on top! It is possible to enjoy a portion of tasty food in a restaurant that rotates 360 degrees within the space of an hour. It means that you can observe Berlin from every angle.

When when the Berlin Wall went down in 1989, a few fragments of it remained. Personally, there’s no better way to find out more about the Berlin Wall and its history than to visit the site. Suppose you stand in front of it and look around. In that case, it instantly makes you feel more connected to the daily lives of a city divided who attempted to flee Communist East Germany over this very wall for a variety of reasons.

East Side Gallery is one of those locations that still have the wall. Germans were determined to make each historical piece unique, which is why it’s not too surprising to see colours upon hues across the Berlin Wall – murals, images, patterns and more. The wall is not an emblem of division but instead a symbol of life and variety.

This is the essence of East Side Gallery is 1300 meters of art that brighten the surroundings. If you’d like more about the gallery and the artwork itself, don’t be afraid to ask one of the guides. They’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and speak a range of languages, so there’s likely to be no issue communicating with them!

Accessing the website is cost-free.

Are you a fan of nightclubs? I have good news for all of you… Berlin is the ultimate nightclub paradise! The nightlife scene in Berlin is fantastic. You’ll always locate an excellent spot to dance certain.

Berghain, also known by the name of Panorama Bar – is one of the nightclubs that are sure to surprise you. It’s primarily focused on techno and is believed to be one of the more renowned nightclubs around the globe!

The whole atmosphere is fantastic. From the patrons who visit it to the location, Panorama Bar was built in an old power plant. Although the bar’s primary focus is homosexuals, everyone can dance on the main dance floor and have fun.

If you do go to the club, be prepared for bizarre things, however. The club is famous for its glitz and glamour, so you enter on your responsibility. The prices for tickets are different, so be sure to bring enough cash if you decide to go.

Germany is known for its fantastic stage scene. After performing in theatre for nine years, I have immense respect for how Germans compose plays and perform on stage.

If you’re interested in theatre and would like to find out what the German theatre scene has to offer, Schaubuhne in the Wilmersdorf district of Berlin is an ideal place to do that. This is because Schaubuhne is a well-known theatre, with names like Peter Stein and Thomas Ostermeier’s director since 1999.

The theatre plays a variety of shows in German. However, there’s no need to be concerned if you do not speak German. The theatre Schaubuhne is renowned for its international selection. Directors from other countries are frequently involved with the theatre, and works by international authors are often presented. It is sometimes possible to view the show with English subtitles. This is an excellent opportunity to show the global audience that they are welcome at Schaubuhne, too.


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